Easy Gym Software

Easy Short Tutorials

Get Stuck? Here’s a list of short quick tutorials. this will help you to learn all about the features of easy gym software


Alerts for payments & renewals

Easy Gym Software gives you automatic alerts of renewals and pending payments. Learn how dashboard is where you find it all.

Group class management

Enter details once and see the schedule of group classes right on the dashboard. Also check the list of clients who are active in group class.

Personal training management

Personal Training sessions have separate billing, if you add the package details once they get automatically fetched.

Expense management

Add every petty cash and major expense the gym incurs, this helps you keeping track on how much monthly is spent as running expense.

Client attendance software

Biometric integration takes out anything manual from gym. Software automatically syncs daily attendance and baars entrance of clients with expired membership.

Employee management

Effortless efficiency for you and your staff, manage staff payroll, create unlimited unique logins. Know everything with just a glace.

Workout & diet plan

Learn how to make new and unique workout and diet plans for all your clients with simple drag and drop tool in the client profile.

Inquiry management

Enter record of every inquiry and keep a tab on your conversion ratio. Choose the source of lead and tab which for of marketing works best for you.

Alerts for payments & renewals

Easy Gym Software, gives you automated alerts of pending payments and renewals, thus taking out the need of any verbal reminders.

Clients management

Client profile includes complete client data, including all the bills which have ever been generated on there name. Learn how it is done.

Manage personal trainers

Personal trainers have a unique login, with a predefined target. Learn how to give them biometric access and keep tabs on their classes.

Gym membership billing

While billing, the end date, the price of the package appears on its own as soon as you choose the package name.