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With 9+ years of experience of serving 2000+ gyms in India and other 18 countries, Easy gym software is now helping gym owners to get leads from 5-15KM radius of your gym .

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Get clients from facebook & instagram

No more bull sh*t likes or impressions.
We deliver you real leads with facebook instagram advance targeting tools available for professionals.
We target potential clients in 5KM-15KM radius of your gym.

Retarget! Yes we retarget clients who have engaged with your gym earlier. This increases the conversion rate by 800%.

We create 18 posts & 6 unique stories every month and post on your FB & Insta page.

group class booking

Online booking is the new normal

Digitalize your client's experience with digital workout & diet plan. Your clients can easily book group classes & personal training online with gym management software.

Let the customers see and choose everything they need in a comprehensive sign-up form on your website. . The details are captured in the gym management system and you can create a customized bill in one click.
Provide your customers the possibility to book their group classes, personal training or any other service that your gym provides through the website or the Android mobile APP.
Let the clients be focused on their growth and produce more results by showing them all the important information related to their workout plan, diet plan, body measurement, etc.

Retain More Clients

Connect with your clients directly; show them that you care; build strong bonds with them, and retain them for good.

Never miss their special days such as birthdays and anniversaries. Get pop-up notification on your dashboard and make them feel special.
Know who the most active clients are. Send them a message of appreciation to show how much you love to see them in your gym.
Loyal customers are your best assets. Offer incentives and run referral programs; they will be happy to spread the word about your business.
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gym marketing

Sales and Marketing

According to Forbes, 71% of qualified leads are never followed up. Do not let that happen to you. Get notified, do a timely follow-up, convert the leads into clients with gym management system.

Know what follow-ups you have to make up on a particular day through pop-up notifications. Send bulk SMS and emails to all the enquires/walk-ins.
No need to go after the client for pending payments and renewals. Easily post offers and reminders with a few clicks, in bulk, through email and SMS.
Sell supplements, apparel, and other services such as massage, lockers, diet plans, etc.

Make tedious jobs easy.

Gym management software shows pop-up notifications on your dashboard related to various follow-ups (such as renewal, payment, inquiry, health check-up, birthday and anniversary of the clients) you have to make on a day to day basis.
One-click graphical reports of your choice to find the data and information you need.
Multiple biometric support for employee attendance registration and member access control. Real-time status of the present and absent members and employees, and who have left the premises.
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workout icon

Workout & Diet Plans

Creating workout and diet plans is easy with Easy Gym Software’s drag and drop tools. You can design your own template and use it with any number of clients you want. Your clients will see the same on their mobile app.

body analysis icon

Body Analysis

Make the client focus on their growth by recording BMI reports & body measurements. Real-time display of comparative analysis of the progress made by clients in the software as well as in the mobile app as soon as you record any detail.

payment reminder icon

Renewals & Payments popup

Do you face the problem of remembering the expiry date of memberships? Easy Gym Software shows you alerts related to upcoming renewals and pending payments of earlier renewals on your dashboard for painless task completion.

gym client icon

Client Retention

Strengthen relations with your clients by sending automated messages through SMS or email on their special days such as birthday & marriage anniversary. Also, you can track the members who are missing out on their training.

gym biometric icon

Biometric Integration

Integration with more than one biometric device to mark attendance and prevent access to the clients whose membership is expired and enables you to grant access to other sections of the gym on basis of membership and employee role.

gst billing icon

GST & Non-GST Billing

Easy Gym Software enables you to generate two types of bills tax and non-tax. Easy Gym Software supports different types of billing such as gym membership, group classes & personal training.

gym marketing icon

Walk-ins & Marketing tools

Get a pop-up notification on your dashboard to follow potential clients & walk-ins on time; record each response in the software. Create new promotional campaigns & send bulk SMS for all clients & inquiries. Enjoy total integration with your website & mobile app.

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Easy Gym Software is a one-stop destination for you to create bills for supplements, clothes or any accessory. Our software automatically manages the inflow and outflow of stock. Our POS for GYM / Fitness studio is equipped with a barcode scanner.

unlimited access icon

Unlimited Access

Create as many packages, clients and user logins as you want. There are no limitations on the amount of data you store. You can create a user login panel for all your employees individually, thus keeping a tab on which employee has made which entry.

Support for Multiple Centers& Branches

If you are managing more than one branch or center, Easy Gym Software is the perfect solution. Get a central dashboard where you will see important stats of all the branches. Also, enable your clients to workout in any of your premises or branches.

Easy Gym Our Gym Management Software is trusted by leading gym & fitness studio chains worldwide.


Frequently Asked Questions

The gym software is a software program to manage the gyms and fitness centers. With this system, you can build customer loyalty, increase sales by managing them better, track expenses and revenues, analyze the benefits and achieve greater optimization of the resources.
Easy Gym Software App is a comprehensive solution for customer management for gyms and fitness centers. It allows the clients to directly book group classes and personal training, and see their growth status, i.e. their diet plan, workout plan, body measurements, etc.
Of course, access control through biometrics is an optional feature included in Easy Gym Software. It allows automatic access to members, subscribers or customers and denies access to the members with expired subscriptions and outsiders.
Easy Gym Software is a highly customizable software solution. It means the gym owners can choose the kind of services and features they need. So, the pricing varies according to that.

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