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Employee & Trainers Management

Your team is the reason for your business success. Motivate your sales team by setting up daily and monthly targets, review followup reports, limit maximum discount and sync attendance from the biometric device. Prevent mal-practices and bills/profile editing all with Easy Gym.

All new trainer login portal

Trainers can see bookings of PT and Group class sessions. But can not see client contact or billing details.

Trainer can authenticate and update PT session status to "Delivered" only after 2 step verifciation OTP

Admin can keep a check on sessions given and pending sessions of trainers

trainer portal
reviews management

Trainer Feedback & Ratings

After every session your client receives a email to give feedback for your trainer session and hospitality

Empowering Your Fitness Journey with Personalized Training and Convenient Booking Solutions

Easy Gym Software: Elevate your fitness experience with regular personal trainer sessions, seamless group class bookings synchronized with trainers' Google Calendar reminders, and the flexibility of unscheduled bookings to accommodate your unique fitness needs.

booking app for trainers and group class

More Features


Effortlessly calculate and manage commissions on both sales and membership renewals with Easy Gym Software, ensuring accurate compensation for your sales team.

Sales & Renewal Targets
Sales & Renewal Targets

Set and track sales and renewal targets easily with Easy Gym Software, providing a clear roadmap for your team's performance and growth.


Efficiently track and manage attendance records of your gym or fitness studio members using Easy Gym Software, ensuring accurate reporting and smooth operations.

Missed Follow-ups
Missed Follow-ups Check

Never miss an opportunity to engage with your clients using Easy Gym Software, which records missed follow-ups and tracks completed follow-up activities for efficient client communication.