Think Digital & Global

Digital Marketing

Setup Facebook & Insta profile.

Design cover photos & update information.

Update attractive grid on Instagram.

Setup awareness ad campaign in 5-10 KM radius of your property.

Landing Page & Retarget

A Concentrate of actions

Buy the shortest domain available.

Host your QR portal & set up retargeting pixel code.

Run paid ad campaigns on Facebook & youtube to re-target people who visited your QR portal/domain.

Get more audience to your QR portal via QR standee, Flex, Flyers & you can retarget all visitors with re-target campaigns.

Give Digital Experience to Your Walk-ins

  1. Easy booking for group classes & personal training.
  2. Showcase offers & photos
  3. Show Facebook & google reviews
  4. Self-check-in & Attendance
  5. Client Login
  6. Packages & online payments

Offline Marketing Campaigns & Target Them Online Again

  1. Attractive flyer design but with less content. Put your QR code so users can scan and read more about your offers.
  2. Distribute flyers near tutions, salons, schools, institutes or tie-up with near by restaurants.
  3. 2x3 ft. hoardings in near by area with QR so that users can scan and visit even when passing through on road.

Collect All Leads at One Place

Now whether from online fb insta campaigns or your hoardings or flyers your visitors are coming to one QR portal and when they submit contact details they come directly to your easy gym and you can send emails / sms/ WhatsApp campaigns to sell them or followup up to maximise conversion.

Bonus Tips

  • Publish 2 stories one early morning and one late evening.
  • Run free 7 days pass for local influencers with 10,000+ followers.
  • Run 2 days free group class trial for employees of offices near by.