Frequently Asked Questions about Easy Gym Software
Frequently Asked Questions
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  • What is the best gym management software?

    The best gym management software should have numerous features, but the priority has to be the need to bring “automation”, taking out the need to note anything in the notebook.

  • What is gym management software?

    Gym software is a custom made POS system for the gym owners making their lives easy by giving them comparative reporting standards, and a tool to analyze which marketing strategy or which trainer/ manager is working best for them. Leaving behind enough time to think of ideas to go, develop and become rich.

  • Is owning a gym application profitable?

    A branded gym application is the most modern and ultra-classy way of branding and the best part is, it is cost-effective, it keeps you and your gym name on the minds of your members 24/7. A gym application will take out any need for paper from the business.

  • How many customers does Easy Gym Software have?

    We started in 2013, and now 6 years down the line we are a happy family of more than 600 clients in 8 different countries.

  • How does the Easy Gym Software app work?

    Our branded mobile application is in sync with easy gym software. Any unique diet plan, workout schedule or body measurement changes made in the software directly appear on the mobile application of the client.

  • What is the Easy Gym Software app?

    It is a Branded Mobile Application, which means you get a custom made an application with your own gym name and designed according to the color scheme of your logo. In the software, you have the option to make unique diet plans and workout plans with simple drag and drop tools. As soon as you make these plans in our gym software, they simultaneously reflect in the client's mobile application account.

  • How do I cancel my Easy Gym Software account?

    Simply email us the situation, that you want to cancel the subscription and we will revert you with a confirmation. The E-mail needs to be share at

  • How do I get the Easy Gym Software app?

    You can call your account representative, they will take the required details including the number of branches you have, your gym’s logo and other important information which will be publically visible (about us, images, contact details)

  • Is it Online or Offline software?

    Easy Gym Software is 100% online software. We don’t deal in offline technologies.

  • Is it integrated with biometric devices?

    Yes, it can be integrated with multiple biometric devices. Our software is friendly with ZKtecho devices. Biometric need to be purchased from domestic buyers only but integration is free. Click here to see recommended bio metric vendor: Company website

  • Can Easy Gym software be customized?

    Yes, Easy Gym software can be customized. Our teams will customize the software to make fit for your business needs because we believe business has some USP’s and different ways of working.

  • Is Easy Gym software available internationally or not?

    Yes, we serve internationally and when we deliver the software we follow all country’s norms, tax policies, currency, contact number validations and languages. Also, a print of the bill can be customized as per your requirements.

  • Are there any charges for integration of SMS/Email?

    It is recommended for you to purchase SMS service from your domestic vendor. Integration of SMS/Email services is free of cost. You have to provide us API from your domestic vendor.

  • Can you migrate old data or upload data in your Easy Gym Software?

    Yes, your data can be migrated or uploaded in Easy Gym Software by our backend team. This service is totally free.

  • Can you provide barcode scanner integration?

    Barcode scanner is available in the market are plug and play. You need to plug the scanner and it will be working automatically with Easy Gym Software.

  • Can we limit access of our various employees?

    Yes, the access of your employees can be limited. You can tell us the function you want to give or restrict for your employees. With our last 5 years experience in this industry, we had optimized employee login to prevent any kind of malpractices but still, you can let us know. Our backend team will be right available for your support.

  • Can we integrate Enquiry /Contact form with Easy Gym Software?

    Easy gym software comes in built-in Iframe that can be integrated with any kind of website developed in any framework and any language.

  • Any limitation of a number of clients or users?

    In Easy gym software, we don’t have any kind of limit on data. You can create as many numbers of clients or users as you want.

  • Why AMC and what is included in AMC?

    Easy gym software is web-based software which runs on cloud server which has reoccurring cost to our company. Also, we provide 365 days service like training, support and upgrades. That is why every client has to pay annual maintenance cost. By paying AMC, you get support also we keep on updating the software with new features and needs of fitness industry business management. So that your business management software stays up to date and you never feel outdated.

  • Is my data secured or can we take data out of Easy gym software?

    13DesignStreet believes in transparent business. Easy gym software you can export your data through admin pane login anytime. Also, our backend team maintains a backup of data every weekend which will be provided to you agreement when you subscribe Easy gym software.