Multiple biometrics integration with Easy Gym Software

Multiple biometric integration with
Easy Gym Software.

Automate your gym with biometric

“Effortless efficiency for your staff”
Do you have more than one entrance/ section /floor at the gym? If yes, our multiple biometric integrations is a one-stop solution to control access to different floors and also automatically mark attendance.

easy gym biometric

Sync attendance

With Easy Gym Software automatically mark attendance, copy fingerprint of clients from one biometric device to the other and forget confusion forever. Limit access to different sections according to the client membership and validity.

gym access biometric

Prevent access for expired memberships

Easy gym management software automatically marks clients' attendance when they punch-in their thumb. It syncs every hour, thus leaving no scope for late/ no payers to enter the gym after the free trial/ due date.

More features of Easy Gym Software:

gym marketing


Compatible with bulk SMS, bulk email helps you stay connected with members and generate revenue. A 45% enhancement in revenue is observed when marketing is done right.

gym reporting


Easy Gym Software is report friendly with all accounting software. Not planning to go to the gym today? Operate any type of analytics directly from your mobile phone.

class booking

Class booking

“Make it available to them” Pre book group classes directly from the mobile phone of your clients. Forget scheduling and rescheduling, keep your classes always full.