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Multiple biometric / access control devices integration

We make the tedious job easy, your client, employee and trainer attendance is uploaded to easy gym software from your biometric device automatically and restrict the entrance of client's whose membership is expired. With Easy gym, you can get more than one biometric device connected and make your business hassle-free!

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Simple and elegant access control for your gym with card or biometric identification

Do you want to avoid unauthorized personnel entering your gym, fitness center or club? And, you also like to obtain more information regarding the frequencies of the member visits: how many times they attended each month, who are the most loyal and frequent visitors, and who have not been coming for more than a month. Easy Gym Software's access control can turn out to be a significant upgrade for your gym.

We have developed biometric algorithms that provide speed, security and stability to the fitness centers to integrate billing with access.

Do you have more than one entrance/ section /floor at the gym? If yes, our multiple biometric integrations is a one-stop solution to control access to different floors and also automatically mark attendance.
With Easy Gym Software automatically marks attendance, copy fingerprints of clients from one biometric device to the other and forget confusion forever. Limit access to different sections according to the client membership and validity.
Easy gym management software automatically marks clients' attendance when they punch-in their thumb. It syncs every hour, thus leaving no scope for late/ no payers to enter the gym after the free trial/ due date.