Easy Gym Software

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Simple, innovative and easy to use gym attendance software that tracks the activity of each and every client.Easily track your gym's attendance to keep track of how many clients are coming in and how many are irregular.

Prevent Access

This easy gym software can be used as an access control system to prevent users from entering your gym or fitness studio if their membership is expired. For a reliable solution that can help you become more efficient, look no further than this simple and inexpensive easy gym software.


Easy Gym Software has changed the way we do things. With our new RFID technology, clients can now mark their attendance in the gym with a band, card or keychain.

Finger Scan

Let your clients mark attendance with finger on biometric devices. This is ideal for facilities where using apps is difficult or expensive.

Face Scan

Set up an easy to use gym software in minutes with ZKTECO biometric face scan enabled devices.

Turnstile Integration

Integrate your turnstile with gym software for a seamless experience for all your customers. Make it easy for customers to enter and exit the gym, track their workout time and see real time analytics