About Easy Gym Software

Easy Gym Software

If you are wondering what features do Easy Gym Software has and what can you accomplish with it, let us start by knowing where you are struggling already.

Have you ever had any of these problems in the administration of your Gym?

  • You cannot group your members by classes to control group memberships.
  • You cannot give a personalized service as there is no reminder for the important dates of your clients such as birthday and anniversary.
  • Your members feel demotivated and leave the gym because they don’t get information about their progress.
  • Members with expired membership or pending fees/renewal enter your gym.
  • You have overcrowded or empty classes which create problems among your members.
  • You don't know how many memberships or products you sold each day/month.
  • Your billing takes a long time and does not meet the GST tax requirements.
  • You do not know which member is skipping classes and what the most favourite activity of the members is.

If your answer is ‘Yes’,

Easy Gym Software is a solution to all these problems to control and manage your gym. Easy Gym Software is the management software for gyms and fitness centers that will help you control your gym efficiently and in a very simple way. Following are some of the tools that Easy Gym Software offers you:

  • Gym Management Software

    Gym and club management software platforms to improve operational efficiency and streamline workflows, including programming, registration, and point of sale, billing, payroll and more. We customize gym and club management software for the fitness centers, health clubs, gyms, dance studios/ yoga studios / martial arts studios, corporate fitness centers, hotels / resorts, universities, and other facilities.

  • Gym Access Control Services

    Gym management and facility maintenance systems that include access control, maintenance scheduling / alerts, asset tracking, operations management and inventory management integrated with reception platforms and other custom features.

  • Gym Payment Processing

    Automated electronic billing, payments, fees, filing / charging systems, point of sale (POS) / retail applications, payment gateway integrations and acceptance of multiple types of payment.

  • Gym Membership Portal

    Development of membership management platforms, including registration applications, digital signature capture, member profile database, photo ID capture, generation of member cards, web portals and integrated website / mobile application services. We design member tracking applications that include member statistics, attendance / payment tracking, loyalty program management and custom marketing tools.

  • Gym Members Identification Technology

    ID management systems integrated with registration software for the automation of creation, issuance and verification of physical and digital identities. We develop photo identification generation and capture modules for scan tags with barcode and biometric technology. Identification creation and verification solutions integrated to analysis and report modules to track members

  • Gym Mobile Application Development

    Custom branded mobile applications in your brand name that include fitness trackers, online training, member retention features, marketing/push notifications, social network integrations, lead broadcast, capture and more.

  • Reception Management

    Reception management applications that include mobile check-in, 24/7 supervision of the club, real-time programming, event / class management, personnel management / trainers / vendors, online booking / programming capabilities, peripheral service management among other features.

  • Gym CRM Solutions

    Development of customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, including data aggregation modules for direct marketing, integrated website, email automation, custom analysis and reporting tools.

  • Gym Staffing Tools

    We program personnel and training administration modules for programming automation, payroll, certifications, employee incorporation, commission tracking, remote access and mobile synchronization.

  • Gym Calendar and Programming

    Development of personal training applications, including automation of appointment / client management, evaluations, personalized meal management / training programs, nutrition modules, exercise libraries and more.

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