Top-Notch Yoga Management Software For Yoga Studios

All-in-One Software for Yoga Studios

Do not spend hours doing an annoying job that can be done in minutes. Easy Gym Software streamlines administration, programming and much more, so you can spend more time with your yogis in your day to day routine.

Easy Management of Yoga Studio

We understand that your passion does not include paperwork. Instead of doing breathing exercises to calm down before doing the accounting, simply use Easy Gym Software. Our solutions take care of the entire management system, from the moment of registration until the renewal of the membership and the processing of payments. Use that extra time you save each week doing what you like.

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Effortless Schedulingand Reservation of Classes

Make the most of your time by automating your scheduling process. Easy Gym Software saves you hours of labour by taking over manual tasks. Instead of spending hours on the phone to manage reservations and cancellations, you can spend more time perfecting your asanas.

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Healthier and Happier Yogis

Yoga is much more than just attending classes. It is mind, body, and lifestyle. Help your yogis reach their full potential even when they are not in your studio. We make communication 24/7 possible among users through your own online community and mobile application. In this way, you will never miss the opportunity to help your customers.

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client management

Client Management

Manage your clients with the digital efficiency. Give them anafter sales add ons experiencethat will tie them with you forever. Post Birthday SMS, personalised diet plan & workout schedules.



Specialised billing for Memberships and Personal Training Packages. Every bill made automatically records the date of joining and date of billing, leaving no room for confusion.



Tedious job made easy with Automated Biometric Identification Systems and gate access. Forget making written notes of date of joining, when the membership expires the door won’t open and prompts renewal.



It’s compatible with bulk SMS and bulk Email; helping you stay connected with members and generate revenue. A 45% boost in revenue is observed when marketing is done right.



Easy Gym Software is report friendly with all accounting software. Planning not to go to the gym today? Operate any type of analytics directly from your mobile phone.

group class booking

Class Booking

“Make it available to them”.Your clients can pre-book the classes directly from their phones. Forget scheduling and rescheduling; keep your classes always full.

employee management

Employee Management

Set employee salary along with their personal profile, attendance and sales target. Give each trainer a unique login to maintain their individual conversions.

mobile app

Mobile App

Digitise the business of fitness with Easy Gym Software. Get abranded mobile app with your gym’s name and logo, keeping your business name on their mind 24/7.

point of sale

Point of Sale

Sell anything, maintain the inventory and make invoices directly from within the same software. A one stop destination for all the requirements of a gym owner.

Upgrade your client's experience & boost up online revenues

Yoga is a light, which once lit will never dim. Yoga studio management software takes care of your day-to-day tasks so you can spend more time with your yogis.