Zumba: What Is It, History & Reasons to Start Zumba Classes
Zumba: What Is It, History & Reasons to Start Zumba Classes
Zumba: What Is It, History & Reasons to Start Zumba Classes | Updated: Nov 29,2022, 02:45 AM IST

Zumba: What Is It, History & Reasons to Start Zumba Classes

You already know that dance has many health benefits, don’t you? In addition to being fun, it is one of the most powerful tools to keep oneself fit as it helps to alleviate the stress, burn the excess fat of the body, improve the blood circulation, tones the muscles and increases the elasticity of the joints. Besides, it is a perfect activity for staying active, vital and ... ready to dance when you have to. However, you don't have to be a professional to take advantage of the benefits that Zumba and dancing have to offer. It is enough to put music and move to the rhythm of it for your body to release toxins.

Did you know that dancing is not only fun, but it has many benefits, both physical and emotional? Dancing is one of the most recommended physical activities by health and sports professionals.

And, who does not like to dance? This is, without a doubt, one of the most fun and rewarding activities we can find. Dancing is a physical activity that consists of performing a series of coordinated steps following a musical rhythm, so it is actually very easy to practice. You can dance on any genre, any style or in any way. It doesn't matter how you do it! This versatility of the Zumba, the possibility that the routines are easy to follow and at the same time represent a challenge, is the great advantage of this method over others. Zumba accepts each and everyone who follows it at his own pace: the tired one can move with less intensity and the instructor will decide whether to put Zumba music that allows the pulsations to be lowered after a demanding choreographic sequence. So, Zumba class can have a flow for everyone to enjoy. The instructors are generally physical education teachers, athletes, dancers who do training to teach this method developed by the Colombian dancer and aerobics teacher Beto Pérez, better known as Shakira's choreographer.

What is a Zumba class?

It is a group fitness program aimed at people from 10 to 90 years old. The dance routines are armed with basic steps, repetitions, and very simple steps that everyone can follow. You don't need to know how to dance, because we all know how to move. Those who benefit the most are those who are not training rigorously, although they also do well to complement it.

In one class, different rhythms and songs that are popular are played: salsa, techno, rock, pop, urban rhythms, drum, and bass. Popular themes are used that people recognize and a musical structure that helps to follow the steps and make the movements imitating the teacher. It is continuous; the instructor does not stop to give explanations, each student does what they like, paying more attention to enjoyment than to making the perfect movements. Thus in a fifty-minute class done well with breaks and cardiac elevations a complete training is achieved.

Zumba History

Alberto "Beto" Pérez was a gym teacher and one day he was going to his classes he realized that he had forgotten the music he had prepared. So he went to his car and took several of the CDs he was carrying of Latin music. His students loved it. From that gymnastics session in the Cali city (Colombia) what we know today as Zumba was born.

Today, it is considered as a fitness discipline since it fuses Latin rhythms with aerobic exercise tables. Although our friend Beto developed it in the late 90s, it was from 2001 when it began to become popular, when its creator went to live in Miami.

Currently, it is one of the most requested disciplines in dance schools and the online world there is also a multitude of video class offers on different platforms. And it is because Zumba is a very fun discipline with many physical benefits.

Reasons to sign up for Zumba classes

Dancing is very positive for our physical condition since it strengthens the cardiovascular system and reduces body fat. It also improves mood, reduces stress and increases our self-esteem.

Here is a list of the 10 benefits of attending Zumba classes.

1. It is perfect for burning calories

If you are looking to lose weight, a Zumba routine will help you eliminate fat effectively. In a single session, you can burn up to 800 calories.

2. Tone the body

Doing an aerobic exercise chart to the fast-paced rhythm of Latin music helps to strengthen those areas of the body that tend to "soften" faster: the gut, buttocks, thighs, and arms.

3. It’s fun

Finding a physical activity that is not boring for us is essential to not end up quitting after a few days. Zumba is not routine or repetitive and this makes it very stimulating. It mixes rhythms of salsa, cumbia, calypso, samba, merengue, reggaeton, etc. So it is impossible to get bored!

4. It brings happiness

Exercising regularly stimulates the production of endorphins. But in addition, in Zumba classes, it is combined with easy movements and cheerful rhythms that force participants to improve their coordination and this results in better self-esteem.

5. It frees you from stress

In addition to releasing endorphins, the hormones of happiness, the level of serotonin increases. This chemical cocktail is incredibly healthy for emotional stability as it puts us in a good mood and gives us relaxation. We will sleep much better.

6. It is suitable for all ages

Zumba classes are good for people of any age and any physical condition. You can do groups by levels and difficulty so that the training is stimulating and effective for all students equally.

7. Get noticeable results quickly

In a short time, you will enjoy the results and you will see that your body is more toned and more resistant. Obviously, you have to be constant.

8. Make friends

Zumba classes are practiced in a group, which allows you to meet new people with whom you can have other things in common. Also, making friends in an environment of joy and enjoyment is much easier.

If you are almost, almost convinced, go for a Zumba class today. Surely you will want to repeat.