How to Maintain Gym Memberships in Slow Season
parbhat Jain | Updated: Jan 28,2023, 05:23 AM IST

How to Maintain Gym Memberships in Slow Season

If you are thinking that it is a gym management software's website and you will get to read is about how good we are when compared to our competitors or that is heading is just clickbait and actually its a sales article which will sell you our feature. You will be glad to know that it is not the case.
As a gym owner, managing finances even in slow season is an integral part of running the business successfully. Every gym has a boom period and a slow period, where the summers show you the peak in business winters can shake your account balance drastically.
Last week we looked upon how gym management software can help you reactivate the sleeping members this week we will discuss how to attract new members in the down season.
To attract new clients can be difficult but according to research, 74% of the business runs from attracting new clients. This hustle of getting new clients can account for more than 50% of your expenses, 80% of your time. The need is to formulate strategies even before the down season starts. Of course, it can not be a "one-size-fits-all-approach" because every fitness studio is different and so are the members and facility's working style.

Some Way To Attract New Clients:

1. Use a branded mobile application and a website
2. Social media strategies (paid)
3. Social media strategies (free)
4. Client referral programme
5. Hosting event
6. Yearly memberships

Use a branded mobile application and a website

A gym management software which comes integrated with a Branded Mobile Application, where your clients can check their workout plans, diet plans and attendance. This strategy keeps your 'fitness studio's name on the mind of your client 24/7, even if they have not come to the gym today their mobile phone pings with a message from you app, the member still thinks of you. This will not only retain your existing clients but also attract new ones with the details of batch timing and trainers profiles you get to add in the app.

A website with something that can attract the clients the most, let's take an example, say you own a Dance Studio, and a potential client is looking for a dance class, they come online and type dance class near me if you have a website made and you work on some paid and unpaid SEO & SMO tool (which we will discuss later in the article) to grab this new client if your website appears on the top is beautifully made will increase by 90%.

Today's techno savvy crowd are bound to like something and fall prey to anything and everything they can find on the internet.

Social media & search engine promotional strategies (paid)

With the whole world on active on the internet, investing some on it for the growth of business is of no harm. You might think that Facebook promotion is as simple as BOOST post, that is entirely wrong. Google and Facebook today are considered the biggest platform for paid promotions
Taking a bit from our company experience, 13DesignStreet the creators of Easy Gym Software is working actively on social media and website promotions and we spend around USD 800 every month generating more than 10,000 leads for our clients.
Retargeting on social media platforms (you might understand this if your not professionally into digital marketing) is the most active and modern form of being on clients mind. Creating Brand Image.
You can get a few gym management software in the market which can let you operate these social platforms directly.

Social media & search engine promotional strategies (free)

Not every business is ready for paid promotions and we at easy gym software understand that, thus here are a few ways to promote your business online for free.
● Google Business listing
● Taking original review of clients on facebook and google listings
● Asking clients to put a 'check-in' at get a 10% discount
● Keep an snapchat and instagram QR login code which they can scan and like your social pages
● SMS CAMPAIGN Wish your present and past members on their special day.
● Add new and relatable blogs on your website so your target audience can get engaged and read.

Client referral programme

Give special discounts to clients who refer their friends, note that a special discount is not only supposed to be a monetary conversion. 15 days extra workout, 2 free PT sessions, member of prime team in that outdoor event you organise every month are some ideas that will also increase the level of involvement they have in your fitness studio, thus skyrocketing the chances of them referring you to their friends. Hosting event
Down season can be a big pain, hosting special events can be a great idea to attract and engage members and non-members.
Being in the fitness industry myself I have seen gyms creating special events with every member given the liberty to bring in their kith and kins, some games are played and at the end some special prices are given to the winners. These prices are mostly free membership coupons for couple or 15 days free classes, this attracts new members with greed to get these free classes.
But first you need to inform your clients about the event for which a gym management software again come into the picture you can send bulk SMS to the clients in a few clicks and ensure their presence.

Yearly memberships

Selling bigger packages at discounted rates during the down season can be another way to tackle the financial roller coaster. Every facility has its own rates and discount percentages which you can decide based on the clients and target audience.