Tips and Strategies: Offline Marketing of Gym
Parbhat Jain | Updated: Jan 27,2023, 00:01 AM IST

Tips and Strategies: Offline Marketing of Gym

In today's techno-savvy world whenever the word 'marketing' is heard all we can think of is Facebook boosts, gym management software, google paid Adwords, expensive website designs, or even in some cases listing websites like Justdial.

Are you tired of the confusion of whether spending on this paid online advertising is an investment or an expense?

6 years back when I had just started my company I was in the same dilemma, where everyone around me was spending in lakhs I was struggling to collect enough funds to run my startup. There were two ways either becoming a rioter or digging out unique ways to successfully mark my presence in this competitive industry. Especially when you are competing with larger companies that have bigger budgets.

Listing out the ideas I used and some I have recently discovered:

1) Free Events & Donations:

You can vividly remember the number of times you have been asked to become a part of that free blood donation campaign, or maybe give away some gift in the ladies club on some festive celebration. Time barrier (which can easily be solved with a gym management software) or lack of interest might be the reason for your not actively investing in it, but for a fitness studio, it is the people living nearby who are their main target audience. So, keep an eye on the following to never miss a chance

  • Display hoardings in public events in the area
  • Organize free events for the members where they can bring kith and kins (free of cost addition to your potential client base)
  • Giveaway small gifts at events, these will not only create awareness but help you enhance your potential client database.

2) Point of sale marketing:

Do people ask you what to eat to attain that perfect look? the answer is yes. It is obligatory for gyms to give a diet plan to the members. So it is a booming trend to have an eatery including the pre and post-workout supplements and protein-rich cafe on the premises of your fitness studio.

It will not only make you look extraordinary but attract exclusive clients who will give you indirect marketing *The Word Of Mouth*

Things to do to use POS marketing:

  • Use that extra space
  • Put banners on that glass that opens towards the road
  • Inhouse cafe proving gym conscious food
  • Supply of supplements in the gym

3) Print-Media:

Internet is everywhere, the internet has everything, thus ruling it when there are 100 times bigger firms with triple the capital can be quite tricky, thus, using a print media is a retro strategy helping you stand out even today.
Say you run a sports fitness center and are quite active when it comes to local events as I mentioned in the first point. It is obvious that the print media, ie the newspaper, fitness magazines, and other online news channels as well will be covering the event, you can give a small publication in the newspaper declaring your involvement, this will thus make you a part of the trend.
What you can do is a couple of months in advance, give the section editor and reports a heads-up about some of the great stories among fitness industry that connect all these themes – fitness, supplement, sports, and awareness, etc.

4) Branded merchandise:

Do not just simply paste your logo on articles like sippers and stationery items, which people see and forget.
Create specially branded merchandise in the form of bags, T-shirts or a series of inexpensive magnets with unique slogans specific to your business – and do everything you can to get them into the hands of folks in your community.
Take care of what your staff wears, the staff including management and trainers represents your brand. Make sure they have a uniform with your logo, this represents your exclusivity.