How to Run an Instagram Account for Your Gym
How to Run an Instagram Account for Your Gym
Parbhat Jain | Updated: Jan 27,2023, 12:34 PM IST

How to Run an Instagram Account for Your Gym

Instagram is a social network widely used today. People upload images or stories and share messages with people of the same interests. It is a social network that enhances the marketing of your company, with it you connect with your followers and create groups while growing up in a community where the centre is your business.

Instagram for gym is increasingly common. Coaches and trainers show the routines, advice, their progress and that of their students, creating a community that is evolving and growing. The fitness market is increasing, and social networks boost this marketing. In this article, we will talk about the following aspects:

  • What is Instagram?
  • How to use Instagram in your gym?
  • 5 strategies to boost your fitness center on Instagram
  • Target audience and gym girl’s Instagram
  • Keeping consistency with your gym

What is Instagram?

The word Instagram comes from “Insta” of instant and “gram” of the telegram, in honour of instant cameras and telegrams. It was developed in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. A function that catapulted more to Instagram was the ability to make filters; this generated the trend of “selfie”, trending word of the year 2013.

Instagram was evolving and joined Android, since it originally only belonged to iOS, giving it a certain status as an application, not to mention that, in the literal sense, it was only a mobile application. Later it was bought by Facebook who assumed many of its features including one of the most recent: the states or stories.

instagram posts for gym

How to use Instagram in your gym

Instagram helps you connect with others who have a common interest, which is an advantage for your training center or gym. If your business is fitness, you should definitely share it there, because you will be a reference and with the use of the tools of this application you can be seen and known worldwide.

Activities like taking selfies, and creating short videos where you explain exercises in your gym, are just the beginning.

You must strengthen your business by taking advantage of the scope that this can generate for you. Creating #hashtags with words that filter your niche market, following others who follow the fitness theme, make calls to action to training and in general publicize the fitness world through experiences in your gym.

Next, we will tell you some keys to use it.

  • Post continuously having a planned strategy
  • Use the scope for the variability of people you can reach
  • Manage the communities of followers
  • Create the loyalty of your gym
  • Share your fitness classes in your gym
  • Publish stories to share more real experiences

5 strategies to boost your fitness center on Instagram

There are ways to improve the experience of your users and engagement, whose concept refers to the experience of your users with your Instagram account, the quality and commitment with which you offer content..

We will indicate 5 strategies that you must apply to boost Instagram for the gym.

1. Complete your profile

To start, you must have a complete Instagram profile, where you have described the data that corresponds to your gym. Place the preferences of your fitness center to be detected by more people, according to your buyer person and thus have a marketing strategy driven by your Instagram.
Another aspect is the use of the link corresponding to your Instagram, and the synchronization with your Facebook and Twitter account, take advantage of this function that gives you the sharing on these social networks. The objective of having greater reach is to make them become clients in your gym, as well as to make you known and create fidelity in them.

2. Use planning for your Instagram

Keep a calendar of posts, where you can plan what you will show and at what time; use the possibilities Instagram gives you, and the content varies. Use stories, photos, banners, videos and illustrations, use creativity, remember that dedication and effort are required to keep the public up to date and informed of your gym. To be able to plan your gym Instagram posts correctly, you must:

Have your brand defined (what do you sell?)

Divide your posts by categories (what you publish is varied in terms of specific topics)

•Anticipate your content
•Take notes of your ideas
•Take advantage of the apps that allow you to schedule posts or gym management software such as Easy Gym Software

3. Don\'t forget the #hashtag

The hashtags allow you to have the visibility and reach with other users who follow those keywords you wrote. It is important to place them, but the potential of this tool is unique, unlike other social networks where they are limited, Instagram gives you the opportunity to place them without problems. Use these keywords, to position your post and enhance it. There are words that are more seen than others, interests that are more popular, as well as others that have the opportunity to grow, is a way to publicize your gym.

Some of the most popular fitness hashtags are following


instagram posts for gym

4. Use Instagram stories

Stories are part of Instagram tools. They are posts that last 24 hours, help you show your gym in a real way, and directly such as gym setup and people doing exercises.
In this case, images, short videos and even text are applied. Instagram filters provide better image quality, an aspect you should take care of in this network.
Take advantage of the filters; they can give a unique style to everything you upload.

5. Create collaborations with influencers

The influencers are those people who have a very strong presence in different social networks, in this case, on Instagram.
As we are in the field of fitness, these people should be part of this whole fit world, since that can certainly help you strengthen your gym by publishing something that relates them. Creating these collaborations and combining some posts with them will make your followers see your gym and want to be part of your community.
The Instagramers are also influencers; if they share your content or you collaborate with them in some way, you can grow in followers, your gym will be able to catch more eyes.

Target audience -> Potential Members
The target audience is that ideal client with whom you want to close a sale, that is, the people who want to train in your gym, and who investigate the networks looking for that ideal fitness center. It is there where your Instagram plays a determining role. If you use the 5 strategies to enhance the Instagram for Gym that we show you in this article, you will reach your target audience.
Your goal is to achieve conversion and fidelity, processes that mean converting followers into customers and also staying true to you. You will have fun in the process, you will see it as your business leader and entrepreneur, you will get used to generating content for your gym — photos, stories, videos, in general information of value to your followers.
The fitness sector is growing. “The global uncertainty is not affecting the fitness market”, is what they point out in the article “The perspective of the fitness market for 2020”. The fitness public has arrived to stay, and your role in it is to publicize your gym and boost your sales by relying on the Instagram tool.

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Instagram for Gym Women

If you are a gym trainer, you must add a “gym girl” hashtag and take advantage of the trends to publish your gym content. Women seek to show their fitness body, their flat abdomen, and their beauty in general as a woman, and there are themes that in addition to those of the gym, can also give you that boost.
For example, some Instagram hashtags for gym women are beauty, pretty girls, my fitness body, my curves, beatifullwoman. Women who go under extreme training create unique content. Training and improving the health of the body is not a matter of men; women are actually more empowered with the desire for enviable curves.

Consistency with your gym Instagram account

At this point, we will talk about some tips to achieve that continuity with gym Instagram accounts, because many times we focus on achieving those followers, but you also have to keep them and publish content creating variability, then 5 key aspects:

A brief bio: it\'s about narrating something about yourself as a gym coach, a bio summary, and always mentioning your brand and / or directing to your website.

The 100k barrier: Instagram users know how to appreciate the quality of a post and the valuable content it offers, so posts that exceed 100 k (the k represents 1000) create an upward curve in followers, and you can\'t forget to thank them for this. The increase once the 100 k is obtained is inevitable.

The constancy is the key: This part is essential, to achieve that number of people, you must constantly be posting and not spending very long periods of time without posting on your Instagram. People should know how to reach your fitness center or gym and what are the activities they can do there.

Follow your statistics: The statistics of your Instagram are a follow-up function, where you can see with graphics the progress of your fitness center, and thus know if your strategy works or not, if your numbers are high it is because your insight works.

Insight: It implies reaching the mind of the consumer, the way they transmit information internally influences everyone. You must uphold the marketing of your gym, and you must create that ad that attracts them and have a call to action.

Listen and investigate: You must be up to date with the fitness market, and create bonds or relationships with other trainers and people who like fitness, because they, apart from being clients, will make your business known, sharing their vision.

Put yourself in your client\'s shoes: Here, the explanation is given alone, is to think like your client. How do you make an insight if you don\'t know your client? It is not just training; you must evolve within the fitness market.


The use of an Instagram fitness gym account is a way to boost your business because it is a tool to make yourself known to the potential public, the fitness market is increasing every day, the “Instagram gym motivation” is a trend showing the demand of people. They want to cultivate their body and take care of their health.
Being a fitness professional, you have the mission of empowering your gym, and if you are an entrepreneur who supports your efforts with professionals, you should also make your business known.
To show the results that can be obtained with training in your gym, you must use images, photographs, give informative tips, use stories, make bios, use hashtags to reach more people and quickly. Instagram is here to stay.
We invite you to learn more about it and other tools that can boost your gym. Here at Easy Gym Software, you will find the content of interest so that your gym or training center is at the forefront.