How to Reactivate Sleeping Members in a Fitness Studio
Parbhat Jain | Updated: Jan 27,2023, 16:02 PM IST

How to Reactivate Sleeping Members in a Fitness Studio

A member who even after taking the membership is not coming to the gym is a "sleeping member". Where for some fitness studio it is the best thing to happen (easy money), while for others it is the list of clients who sooner than later are going to completely stop paying.
It takes 7 times more cost to acquire a new member as compared to taking a renewal from an existing one.
It completely depends on the cost of the facility you provide. Say you have more clients and are selling bigger packages at a lower cost, then sleeping members are not really going to affect you, but if you have a lower number of clients who are paying more, their unsubscribing the membership is going to hurt and haunt your financial status drastically.
Being a business owner myself I can understand that client retention plays a very important role and losing your clients for whatever reason, is portraying a negative image of your fitness studio. Also, some gyms have as many as 35% of clients as sleeping members, then not getting a renewal can highly impact the profitability for the investors.
If you have reached till here welcome to a roller coaster.

“How’d you like to learn how to bring sleeping members back into action?
“What if I said that every celebrity fitness studio uses this same tactic?
“Better yet, what if I showed you how to leverage this tactic to attract more clients and earn more sales?”

Let's go step by step:


To identify the sleeping members you will need Gym Management Software where you can record all the data and classify them among active and inactive members based on their attendance.
To do so you need to go to the dashboard of Easy Gym Software scroll down, that's where you get a table called"Frequently Absent Client" client details who absent from the last 10 days will reflect there.
This easy bifurcation will save the administrative efforts you might have required to find the target clients you have to analyze.


See I know by now you are thinking of calling them asking for reasons, or maybe calling them to motivate to be regular and fulfill their workout and body goals.
Just know this is not that great of an idea. Put yourself in your client's shoes and think, you have purchased a traveling bag thinking that this is the most useful investment you could have ever done, but since the day of purchase the bag is lying in the corner of the room waiting to be used. Whenever you lay an eye on it all you can think of is the $1,500 that you have spent on that Gucci travel bag could somehow come back in your bank account.
Similarly, when your client gets that yearly membership pack from you makes an advance payment, he is somehow looking for ways to get in a comfortable conversation with you so that he can ask for a refund, so this idea can backfire on you.
Make sure to think of an "idea" to get them in action and ask for their money back.


Understand the type of regularly inactive people, maybe the young college adolescents make the maximum number, so think of the reason and try to formulate exciting sessions to get them back to you, again the gym management software will be at your rescue, a graphical analysis on the basis of gender, profession and age will help you with it in just a few clicks.
Easy Gym Software again has an analysis tab where you can check and analyze all your reports.


E-mail marketing is the new in, people of all age groups and professions are actively checking their e-mails, so sending them offers and promotions constantly on their email is a good way to remind them of your existence & also the membership they have taken from you.


Though e-mail marketing shows how well equipped you are SMS marketing is a sure-shot way to reach your clients and ensure that they read what you have sent them. A gym management software come into the picture again, Easy Gym Software comes equipped with SMS integration, which means you can send SMS to clients directly from the software. This management tool saves the client contact details and gives you the option to directly send all your clients the message on their birthdays and anniversaries also when you have some special dandiya class during the Navratri festival.


Once you know who to target, it gets easy for you to formulate a plan to get the sleeping clients in action. How many times have you seen the facebook feed of top gym pages posting festive celebration videos and images? Of course many times. The reason being the lazy inactive clients are ought to get bored with the repetitive activities and these small breaks can help us get some regularity.


Keeping checking new ideas, try and test because each working is different, how the client reacts also is different. So do not give up!