How to Make Your Fitness Center Stand Out From the Competition
Parbhat | Updated: Oct 05,2022, 22:34 PM IST

How to Make Your Fitness Center Stand Out From the Competition

The fitness sector is one of the businesses with the greatest competition in the market due to a large number of centers that have a varied range of services and physical activity alternatives. This makes the competition within gyms and fitness centers more intense, so differentiating from others is necessary. If you want to know the answer to how to differentiate yourself from the competition of fitness centers, here are some tips.

The loyalty of your customers is related to public opinion. Customer treatment must be initiated from the administrative policies to the trainers and the rest of the staff so that they maintain a close, affectionate relationship with your clients. They must also maintain constant training and updating. In addition to this, some technological alternatives have emerged to improve the user experience, with emphasis on the training experience. Here are some tips that will help you position yourself above the gym competition.

1) Technology improves the customer experience

The phone applications are able to reach everyone at any time and help the users at the gym too. They allow the users to have control of their activities at the fitness center since they register at your center. You can provide them with the possibility of learning about your services on a website or mobile app, which facilitates the user to get in touch with the gym activities. This increases their confidence and interest in the fitness center. That is why apps and software are essential in the gym. From a web page, the user comes to know about your company, of its facilities, in addition, to be able to directly contact a manager in case of having a doubt. There the registrations are carried out quickly, rather than registering them only when they reach the gym.

Similarly, a website is the gateway for users arriving from other digital platforms. Effective use of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter will direct interested parties to more detailed information on your website, where they can register and know all the services, schedules and training options. Therefore, an alternative is the creation of a personalized app with the visual identity of your brand as well as your work philosophy. With it, users will decide what types of classes they want to attend, the schedules available for them, and they can make their reservation online. It is an efficient tool that gives them the option to adjust their training to their free time and decide on a change in their routine and schedules easily.

Also, these apps free you from the tasks of reservations, the control of assistance while being a communication tool between the center and the user. Easy Gym Software comes with a personalized application for your gym that is created in the name of your brand. Learn more about the software and customized apps here.

2) Create an original training environment

Architecture, decoration and implements, in addition to machines and equipment, make a gym more attractive than others. If you choose to remodel your gym, keep in mind a design that is innovative for users to feel that your center is different and attractive, stimulating their energy and making their training time more pleasant.

Some innovative options include designs with machines of the same color as the gym walls. Others opt for an oriental style by integrating Zen-type decoration. The idea is that you lend unique aesthetics to your site, which serve as an identity and make your gym stand out from the others. This change in the gym environment can also occur through music. That\'s why many implement live DJs like in a nightclub. It is also important to consider the type of audience that you want to attract and implement leisure activities in the gym that combine with your exercises. Some gyms have incorporated bars, cafes or gaming to differentiate themselves from the common experiences of other fitness centers

3) Bring in new training trends

One of the factors that increases the entry of potential customers to your center is the new training types. To stay in the gym competition, you need to constantly invest in training for your staff in the methods that arise every year. Being aware of new training trends will attract more people interested in that area.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT), also called high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE) or sprint interval training (SIT) is an interval training and is mostly preferred by athletes as they want results in a short time. That is why new HIIT routines are developed year after year. Different types of bodyweight exercises have been created with their own names and with a specific orientation, which usually attract more users.

In the same way, including well-known training routines, such as yoga or CrossFit, will maintain the reputation of your gym among users. Maintaining these areas will motivate the attendance of the recurring students to these classes, making them remain in your center.

4) Wearable technologies increase the level of loyalty and retention

It is a fact that the type of equipment that has a fitness center determines the quality of training and its effectiveness. Therefore, the results of the users depend on it, as well as a lower incidence of injuries. New machines and equipment should always show the most appropriate mode of use, and apps can help in a remarkable way to the dissemination and good use of this information for independent users who want to train without direct supervision.

Wearable gym technology shows how each team works in certain groups. In this way, the users transform into their own coach by adjusting the difficulty and avoiding injuries.

Among these machines are those that incorporate a 3D scanner that shows the user how their muscle mass levels, weight, calories consumed with each exercise session change. They can also be complemented with gym apps as their progress passes to the user\'s personal registration on the platform.

5) Personal training out of quota

Personal training is a strategy to differentiate yourself from the competition. By giving a partner a chance to get a private routine with a trainer’s supervision, you make him feel important. Personal training gives your clients the opportunity to go beyond their progress on the machines or in the training group.

With the help of a personal trainer, you will create a special routine based on the results they hope to get. Their progress will be rapid by having the support of a professional who records each step of the process to encourage maximum performance.

In addition, many clients feel more motivated when dealing with a trainer in private either to improve a particular area that costs them or for privacy. The main reason for this is that the customer experience is enhanced by getting a closer deal with an expert.

Another benefit related to the income of your center is that these private classes are a way to generate money outside of the fees paid by the members.

6) Implement new types of training outside the quota

The software helps to integrate new training trends in sessions outside the quota, and in this way, the users of your center are encouraged to participate in new and different activities. These activities or exercises can be shared by your own users, either by social networks or by the comments of their friends in other centers.

Staying at the forefront of fitness trends is a way to stand out from other specialized centers. In this sense, the versatility in choosing new types of activities in your gym can make you stand out and attract more customers. Remember that not all new practices should be integrated as everyday classes, but they can be included as occasional events and also remember the creation and implementation of culture within your center.

7) Attract a specific group of users by switching to a Gym Boutique

In the modalities of gyms, few strategies make one differ more from others than the concept of the Boutique Gyms. Unlike a common gym, in which the training is aimed at many users with different exercises and routines, it is aimed at a specific type of customers.

In this way, your center can capture users who are interested in a specific type of training. In this type of establishments, the client achieves a superior body development than he could have achieved in any other since the machines and training are aimed at his needs. A clear example of this modality is the MMA sports centers (mixed martial arts).

In this case, the number of users is smaller but it gives you the advantage of differentiating yourself from others because it is a specialized center, which can be an advantage in some cases where physical space can be limited.

8) Add complimentary services to the gym

Users prefer a fitness center that integrates different activities to complement their training. This refers to the services of physiotherapy, nutrition, spa, pool or restaurant to attend before or after an exercise routine.

Some services, such as the spa, have become a focus of attention for many users who want relaxation after their exercise routine. Some also feel more confident when attending a center with a physiotherapy service that guarantees treatment for any injury.

So, implementation of the supplementary services, adding technology and reaching out to more people can help your gym to stand out from the competition.