Cost of Getting Your Own Gym Website and Gym Application
Parbhat Jain | Updated: Jan 28,2023, 03:20 AM IST

Cost of Getting Your Own Gym Website and Gym Application

Do you have the dream of your life in your hands and don\'t know how to give it wings? If you have taken your passion for fitness to the fullest and are determined to set up a specialized center, it is likely that you will now find yourself in the most critical query. How do I attract clients and turn my venture into a success? The answer is simpler than it seems: with a website and a personalized app for your gym.

Today, the world, and especially the market, takes place on the web. In the digital age, the best sales halls are computers and the best sellers, corporate websites.

A gym website can become a true advertising tool in the fitness world. The gym app, on the other hand, is also a good choice for gyms in attracting new clients and retaining the old ones.

3 keys before starting to build your gym website

First of all, be clear about the objective (key # 1) and never lose sight of it:promote yourself in the fitness world. In accordance with this purpose, your content marketing (key # 2) will be aimed at the publicity of your gym’s activities, for example, Zumba fitness ads if your center is specialized in that activity.

To do this, you can hire a professional editor or write yourself about physical activity or topics related to your center, so that you provide your readers with some kind of knowledge and generate added value.

Finally, choosing the name and domain of your blog (key # 3) is another important task.

Tell me which website you use, and I will tell you what you sell

It is necessary that you think of the expense in the development of your website as an investment. Taking into account that the website will be the visible face of your gym, which can make you recognized and familiar among your potential clients, you will not want to spare expenses using a cheap website of low quality such as Blogspot, Wix, Weebly, etc.

First steps

Before we get into the complexities of programming and the world of web design, we must deal with our own biases, the very “foundations” of our web architecture. In relation to the aforementioned, for our website to work, it is essential to have two elements: hosting and domain name.

What is hosting?

The hosting, more commonly known as "webserver", resembles what is the hard drive of your computer, only here we talk about the internet. It serves as storage of all the files that your website needs to be viewed.

What is the domain name?

It is nothing more and nothing less than the link or URL that we see in the browser. Why is it important to buy a good domain name? Because through it, people or our potential clients will be able to access our website: a thematic and catchy name will be easier to remember and, therefore, attractive to visitors.

The cost of development

At this point, it is necessary to talk about money. How much is hosting really worth? And a domain? We have already discovered what they are and their differences.Now think: How much money should I spend (or rather invest) in the “development” of my website?

Hosting Costs

Always talking about professional websites, let's forget about free hosting, nothing recommended, hosting has a cost that varies according to the company and plan you choose, this includes gym website. To give you a general idea, hosting can range from USD 20 per year to figures above USD 400.

Domain Costs

The domain is purchased annually, bi-annually, three-year, etc., that is, for periods of 12 months. Anyway, no need to panic: its cost is much lower. The registration of a domain name is between USD 15 and 25 per year.1

Factors that influence the cost of the website

Let us now go into the details of the world of programming and design, let\'s play for a moment to be web developers and choose, more with the heart and mind than with the pocket, the ideal options for that web page that we dream so much.

Static or dynamic website?

Surely you are wondering what this difference influences you. Well, notice that your pocket and your business do interest them. The static website is usually cheaper than the dynamic one since, in the latter, the comfort of being able to manage the contents itself is paid. In the case of the static website, since it is necessary to enter the code of each page to control the contents, the help of a professional will always be required.

Project size

How big or small will the website project you have in mind? Think about it before responding because of the type of unique web designs on your page, as well as the hours of programming required by the specialist. Your investment will depend on all that. In general, a small project takes a maximum of a couple of weeks.

Template-based development or custom development?

Another important decision to make is whether we will develop a website of a gym based on template or custom. A template is a basic default form of a website. This option is less expensive than custom development, where a professional will agree with you to do exactly what you want and how you imagine for your website. That is, it is a more personalized alternative and, therefore, as it takes much longer, more expensive. Choose the best plugins and supporting tools for your website

Plugins are auxiliary applications that join others (guests or host) to add to them (through interaction between them) a new function, usually of a very specific nature.

These auxiliary applications can be free or paid. The basic plugins for Wordpress are free and optimal for the use they will be given, but if you want a more professional web development, you will need to buy plugins such as Visual Composer, among others.

Surely you want to make your page an interactive site, where the user experience is comfortable and, why not, fun. However, you should keep in mind that the more of these tools you have, the longer the page will take to load, and this will cause inconvenience to the visitor.

It is convenient, then, to find a balance between the right amount of plugins and the time you wish to your website take to load. Always remember that a bored internet user is a lost buyer, and a lost buyer means less profit to you.

Things that do NOT fit into a web developer’s budget

While web development is a broad field, you cannot ask a single specialist to do everything for you. If, on the other hand, you hire a studio or development agency, they will probably offer you the complete package that includes, in addition to the aforementioned programming: brand design / corporate identity, web hosting, web maintenance, domain registration, SEO strategy, the newsletter and digital marketing.

Do not expect a web developer to do things for you of what he has no idea. Hire an agency who can do it all or select different professionals who, each from their area of expertise, can make your website a resounding success

Are gym websites better with Easy Gym Software?

We have seen that staying out of the digital world in the technological era in which we live implies burying your venture fully. That\'s why we encourage you to take advantage of the benefits of the Internet to build trust in your customers, show your identity and sell the solutions you have to people. What if you try to combine the advantages of a website with the benefits of Easy Gym Software? What if these two tools are integrated together? Can you imagine?

Easy Gym Software is a management software that allows you to manage your fitness center, sell more and optimize resources and in addition to this, it offers you a website development and integration for your fitness center and also a personalized application in which you can make membership purchases,f class reservations and much more. So not only does the center benefits, but also the end-user.

How can you achieve all of the above?

This set of programs that make up the software is divided into tasks that you perform simultaneously efficiently:

Business dashboard: Shows sales indicators, loyalty and other similar measurements that will help you analyze the performance of your company.

Access control: keep your gym safe by controlling who enters and who leaves, and in this way, also protects your customers.

Class management: You no longer have to worry about knowing who will take which class and when, which room will be free and which one will not be, etc. We know how exhausting that can be for you. Leave it then in the hands of Easy Gym Software.

Point of sale: Allows you to keep track of memberships.

Personnel management: Organize your accounts with the calculation of payments.

Cash Control: Keep an eye on all your income and expenses so you can better see your profit margins.

Automatic messages: Are you forgetful? Well, our gym management software has the solution, since its automatic messages will remind you of both birthdays and membership renewals.

Automatic reports: You can have all the relevant information you need with this management software.


Do you still have doubts that Easy Gym Software is the option that your business needs? Then let us tell you that Easy Gym Software has a special proposal according to the type of gym you have.

Do you still think it is a fancy idea? We don’t. We think about everyday life, what you do every day with customers. Therefore, Easy Gym Software offers you customized solutions and gym software demo according to the needs of your center.