Boost Your Gym Revenue with Easy Gym Software Updates | Easy Gym Software
 Boost Your Gym Revenue with Easy Gym Software Updates | Easy Gym Software
easy gym | Updated: Nov 29,2022, 08:04 AM IST

Boost Your Gym Revenue with Easy Gym Software Updates

Easy Gym Software has come up with new updates that will help you to get back to your clients in this tough time. This is the new COVID-19 update to help gym owners make the most out of this temporary closure. Also, these features can be used even after the closure and can easily adapt to the new policies or changes that will take place in the gym industry. These changes include the following – online meeting, group session booking, personal training booking, making payments, taking online meetings through zoom, etc.

Which are the New Updates of Easy Gym Software?

Below mentioned are the unique and amazing features that will help it easier for you to run your gym without any pressure. Check these new updates out and use them for better management of your gym business operations.

Create Class & Trainer Schedule

You can easily create a class and the trainer’s schedule with the help of the software. Create a class as per your requirement and need and add it. Similarly, it is easier to create a trainer or add a new trainer and make the trainer’s schedule. Only admins can add classes and packages. Click on trainers and a page will open where you can enter all the details of the trainer.

Then add the time and days of the week on which the trainer will provide the classes. You can add the number of activities a trainer can teach. For instance, if a trainer teaches three things, you can provide three different sessions at different times. This schedule can be made and the trainer will be able to check all the classes that he or she has to provide along with the time of distinct classes. In this manner, create classes and trainer schedule in no time.

Create Packages in Easy Gym Software

Creating a package is another new update in the software. Creating a package is like a cakewalk. Click on packages, a page will open where you have to enter all the names of packages, its validity, booking, etc.

Along with adding the name of the package, validity, and class booking, you can also add whether the client can cancel his or her appointment. If you click yes, then the client can cancel 3 hours before starting otherwise, the appointment or class booking will not be canceled and the client will still have to pay for it. Other than this, you can control whether the bookings should be made from software or website or both. Furthermore, add the maximum number of classes and all the trainers that are going to provide this particular class.

Buy Package Online

Purchasing packages or making payments and registration has now become as easier as a cakewalk. If you have integrated your website with the easy gym software, then clients can easily do online transactions from the website itself. The client or the members of your gym can open the website and log in by entering their id and password. After that, they can view all the packages and buy the ones that they are interested in.

Once they have chosen which package or packages they are interested in, they can pay online. Paying online is also highly secure and clients do not have to worry about any security breach or mishap taking place. Therefore, clients can easily make payments online. You can choose the mode of payment and continue the process. As soon as the payment will be made, then the client will receive an SMS regarding confirmation.

Online registrations are also possible with the help of easy gym software. The process of registration differs from one company to another. But if you have integrated the website with the software, then registering online is possible even from the website. You don’t have to go to the gym every time for registration. This can now be done simply by going on the website and registering by making online payment. These new updates are really helpful and will benefit your gym.

Book Appointments Online

If the clients have booked the classes online and are registered members of your gym, then the clients can see available slots and classes. If they want to book any classes or appointments, they can simply open your website, log in and then look at all the classes that are available.

The clients can see the number of slots that are left, number of classes, their time, etc. and reserve their seat by making payment. If the client wants to cancel their appointment, then they can cancel it before 3 hours from the starting time of the class. For instance, if the class starts at 3 PM, then the clients have to cancel it before 12 PM. In this manner, you can control your online appointments easily.

View Booking and Update Meeting Link

Once your clients have booked their appointment, they can view their bookings. The admin can view full details of the appointment, the client, and the trainer. Furthermore, by adding zoom details live or online meeting can be done. When you click on add details under the zoom details section, a popup will open where you can add the credentials of your client’s zoom details such as id, then create a room, and then they can have a meeting online.

The details of the zoom meeting and the link will be sent to the clients automatically on their registered mobile number. In this manner, the clients and the trainers can operate online without any problem.

Further New Updates

Here are some of the other updates made by the easy gym software.

Renewal Updates

Renewing the package has been extremely easy with the new update of the easy gym software. Your clients can easily do it online by themselves if your website is integrated with the software. Make online payment without any problem as high security is assured.

Bulk SMS

Now using the software, you can send SMS and Emails to your clients in bulk. These can be used to send confirmation messages for appointments, payment received or paid, etc. Moreover, send them birthday or anniversary wishes on their special day. Also, use them to send promotional messages regarding sale or new deals, launch of a new service, etc.

Trainer Logins

The software comes with a trainer login. This means the trainers can add their ID and Password to access their schedule. The trainers will be added by the admin and will only see their schedule and its details.

For instance, if there are two trainers A and B and A has logged in, then only A will only see his or her schedule including the details about the client, at what time, for how long, and which all sessions are to be delivered. In this means, you don’t have to worry about trainer access your confidential details as they do not have access to anything other than their schedule.

Session Pause

This is another great and effective tool. Using the session pause, you can allow the session to pause and clients will not be able to make appointments as long as the session is paused. This can be used if the trainer is not available or on holiday, etc. Use it as per your requirement.

Client Profile

Next is the client profile. Admin can add numerous clients at any time. You have to fill the necessary information such as the client name, address, membership, contact details, other details such as birth date and anniversary date, etc. At the time of generating bills or any other task, you just have to enter the client’s name and other fields will be automatically filled.


The software has updated its reports and now more reliable, accurate, and authentic reports can be created from the software. The easy gym software provides reports for various purposes such as feedback, finance, clients, inventory, revenue generated, expenses incurred, etc. This will help you in formulating future plans and policies. Hence, make the most out of it.