Best Gym Franchise Opportunities in India in 2020
Best Gym Franchise Opportunities in India in 2020
parbhat | Updated: Jan 27,2023, 09:14 AM IST

Best Gym Franchise Opportunities in India in 2020

According to a report by Praxis and YourNest Venture Capital (as published in Business Standard), the sports, fitness and wellness (SFW) market in India will grow from 2,27,500 crore in 2016 to 5,85,000 crore by 2022, creating 2.5 times more opportunity for peripheral products and services such as gear and apparel.

If you are thinking of setting up a sports centre or a gym, a good option is to open a gym franchise. The franchises present a number of advantages over the gyms of an unknown brand name. And it is that as part of a large company, the financing necessary to start your business is part of a closed budget, without surprises. Additionally, gym franchises usually give you everything predefined and figured out, even the design of space.

Here are the most successful gym franchises in India to guide you, in case you want to open yours, or simply sign up for one.

Rhino’s Gym

Rhino’s gym India was founded in early 2018 with the aim of providing elite and functional fitness clubs around India.The focus is also on making high profits and speedy return on investment. Earlier this year, famous Bollywood actor SonuSood unveiled the fitness franchises of Rhinos Gym along with Mrs Jaspreet Kaur, operations director of Rhinos Gym. Thestated objective of Rhino gym is to “develop a project for you which not only focuses on the service that is being delivered to your club’s members but also ensures great and beyond expectations faster returns”. One of the distinctive aspects of the Rhino’s Gym is that they use Fitline equipment in their gyms exclusively.

Body Power Gym

It is a UK based gym franchise which includes interior, setup, equipment, recruitment and customized ROI projection. It has the operation in around 30 countries around the globe but has main operations in the UK and India. It assures good ROI and assistance in setup.

Cloud9 Fitness Club

It is a Mumbai based gym brand that is one of the most premium gyms in India. Many famous personalities and celebrities are the regular members of this gym. Many world famous bodybuilders too come here often. For example, in 2017, Kevin Levrone visited The Cloud9. Cloud 9 has its stronghold in Mumbai and have as much as 6 branches at different locations in the city. The franchise has been expanding and has added two new branches in 2018.

The Inferno

The inferno gyms are well equipped and have a view that fitness does not just affect the body, but mind and spirit as well. Keeping this view, they aim to impact all three dimensions and mainly provide three kinds of key exercise types that can be segmented into weight training, personal training and cardio exercises. The main highlight for those seeking franchise are the low cost of acquisition, custom design and built for various levels of demographics, fast return on investment and high efficiency due to the ultra-modern gym management system.

Hype The Gym

Hype The Gym was founded in 2013 with one branch at Delhi. It now has more than 30 branches in the Delhi/NCR area making them one of the most expanded chains there. Hype The Gym offers almost all types of traditional exercise, such as weight training and cardio. Apart from that, there are new types too such as functional fitness training, crush fitness, and power abs. For those who are low on confidence or those who feel insecure in their day to day activities, can enrol for self-defence classes such as Boxing or Kick Boxing. It also offers Zumba and dance classes to the members. The inclusion of yoga and Pilates is surely a distinctive point for Hype The Gym. Another distinctive point is the use of Viva fitness equipment exclusively in all of their branches. One of the most well-known bodybuilders and trainer in the world, Kai Greene has visited Hype The Gym many times and was seen last year in the opening ceremony of one of their branches as the chief guest.

MR Fitness

MR Fitness or Man Raj Fitness studios are a chain of the gyms in Gandhinagar which is expanding as a successful business. The focus is on making the exercise and gyming fun and endurable experience for the members so that they do not dread to come next time to the gym for that painful exercise again and again. The thing that is working so well for MR Gyms seems to be able to provide a friendly and comfortable environment for the members. The staff also seem to have good friendly relations and cooperation among them. The founder of MR Fitness gyms is Mr Raj Dev, who received India’s Most Prominent Fitness Award in 2018.

Phoenix Fitness

Phoenix Fitness is one of the most premium gyms of Bengaluru. After successfully running many branches in one city, the gym is looking to expand with one branch in Hyderabad and Varanasi each already. The operations are managed by Mr Pankaj Tiku, who is CEO and founder of Phoenix Fitness. There are multiple kinds of training exercises such as strength training, cardio, aerobics, TRX, CrossFit, yoga and Zumba. The franchise promises faster ROI and comprehensive training and support to run operations and to cover costs.

SK 27 Gym


It is a well-known gym franchise as it is promoted heavily by the brand ambassador and founder Salman Khan. Also, for the same reason, you will see only Being Strong equipment are used in all the gyms. It has its presence in many major cities of India. The gym franchise requires one to commit for at least five years with them. The budget though should be on the higher side as the gym has many added services apart from standard services such as a nutritionist, physiotherapist, and supplements shop.

physc gym

Physc Gym

Last but not the least comes the Physc Gym which is founded and managed by a former Mr Universe, SangramChougule. The branches are spread in and around Pune with a good number of footfall in all of them. Just like SK-27, the franchisee rides high on the celebrity popularity and reputation of its founder, who is accompanied by a duo of engineers, keen on the fitness industry, Mr SumitBhutkar and Mr NileshShirke. If you are to open a new branch, it can get you the support regarding the required experience and marketing to run the business at the outset from the trio.