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Easy Gym Software offers 100% customized and easily manageable IT solutions for gyms, health clubs, dance studios, fitness studios, etc. Using this solution managing your gym will be a piece of cake.

Get the Most Out Of Your Gym with Easy Gym Software

Easy Gym Software is the complete solution at the best price for your fitness center and gym: Reservations, lead management, member management, access control, activity planning, inventory and material management, payments, subscription and debit management, reports and statistics. Provide your gym members and trainers with Apps and tools for easier access and schedule management.

We are already in many top tier cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, California and many more.

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Biometric Support
Mark attendance, integrate multiple biometric devices and a lot more with the help of easy gym management software.

Automatic SMS & eMail
Send your clients unlimited alerts and reminders for payments and renewals using the automatic SMS & Email feature.

Client support
We understand the need of client retention & hence, provide 24x7 client support to provide solutions to all of your queries.

Let Easy Gym Software Do the Heavy Lifting

Some of the features of Easy Gym Software to get you an idea of how it facilitates the growth of your business


Its CRM-type architecture offers simplicity and efficiency. Your dashboard has a 360 Degree member profile view that includes the photo, activities, purchase history, group class history, saved notes, pending payments, birthday and anniversary.


Our gym management software lets you control the entry, attendance, and presence of members and employees. Keep track and bar unauthorized personnel. Integration with biometric devices (fingerprint scanner) gives you an access control tailored to your needs.


Our gym solutions also provide android mobile application specifically developed for your gym. All features of gym software will be embedded in your mobile application.


Gym management software comes with effective marketing tools such as sending SMS and Emails in bulk. These tools will be helpful in reaching more clients.


The software presents you with a variety of indicators and statistics that will help you when making decisions about your business and know the status of your business. View and download KPIs (key performance indicators) in easy to understand graphics.


Group booking reservation can be placed with ease from any web browser using gym management system. Also, automatic reminders/ alerts can be sent to customers.


Managing employees, their joining, payroll, classes, etc. can be done smoothly. Also, track employee’s performance, progress and many more with the help of easy gym software.


Within a few clicks generating bills, invoice, granting discounts, calculation of taxes, etc. can be done effortlessly. Also, accounting data can be simply exported to excel format.


Our Point of sale system in Easy Gym Software helps in sending e-bills to your clients, manage inventories, and a lot more with just one click.

Easy Gym Software is beneficial for your business regardless of the size of your business.



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Characteristics of Our Gym Management System

To tell you more about its benefits, we detail the most important characteristics of our gym management software:

Simple, intuitive interface, easy to use

This is very important, and not only for customers but for employees, who must work with the system continuously. Our support team facilitates training sessions on how to use the software for you and your employees. Moreover, we occasionally post tutorial videos.

Integration with your website and social media networks

Gym management software and your business website and social media accounts should be seamlessly integrated, so that you constantly update class availability, services, non-appointment times, rate changes, etc. and also control marketing and promotions.


Gym management software must be able to adapt to the type of services your provide and the classes you hold. You can add multiple user accounts with limited authority, e.g. trainer account to add students to a group class and manage the group class bookings.

Tools for customer loyalty

Customer loyalty tools are a mark of good gym management software. You can send SMS, newsletters or personalized emails with current offers, special discounts or promotions, pending dues, renewal dates, etc. right from your dashboard checking all client information.

Gym management software can significantly improve the competitiveness of your company, so it is important to wisely choose the gym software that you will use in yours.

Why Should You Choose Easy Gym Software

These are many reasons for fitness businesses to bet on our gym management system, we will give you the most important ones:

Greater efficiency

With gym management software, all your business information is kept in one place, which means that you can work faster, in real-time and streamlining all types of operations, like managing and promoting products, managing members, keeping track of sales or generating reports.

Greater knowledge of the client

To carry out different marketing campaigns and actions, it is necessary to have important information on clients and easily fetch it when needed. A 360 Degree Client View allows you to launch promotions and offers that are much more refined and concrete.

Greater flexibility

Since a single system is used for the entire business, management times are optimized, allowing you to keep track of each area of your business. Besides, with the gym management system, you will be able to carry out task automation and form necessary business rules.

Tools for customer loyalty

An optimal management system must be flexible and capable of integrating with other tools such as a biometric fingerprint reader, as well as easily carry out its updates and adaptations that it needs for the business in question. We roll out regular free updates.

Integrated services

With our gym software, you can centralize and automate product purchases, class bookings and reservations, due notifications, offers, notices, etc. to give a much more immediate response to your customers, knowing exactly what can be offered to each of them.

Support, Assistance, and Advice

Although the updates are automatic, you may need to hear a voice on the other end of the phone to help you with any operational issues that you might face. Our technical support team comprised of highly experienced individuals will always be on your side.

Get a Free Demo

Gym software demo is also available which can be requested by the clients. If you have queries or questions regarding how the system functions and so on, then you can take a demo, it will help in finalizing your decision and will answer your questions. Even after the trail if you still have questions you can directly contact our support team as they will clear all your doubts and answer all your questions.

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Easy Gym Software offers customized solutions for management of gyms, dance studio, fitness studio, health clubs, etc. Personalized gym software is provided according to the requirement of the clients thereby making it easier for them to manage and handle their employees, clients, inventory and many more with ease.

Yes, multiple biometric devices can be integrated with our software. Integration is completely free; however, client has to purchase bio-metric device/ s from domestic buyers.

You can avail our services by subscribing our yearly subscription which is about USD 450. USD 250 is required for yearly renewal. Since, our solutions are 100% customized, there are additional charges for customization.

Easy Gym software provides online software as our company does not deals in offline technologies.

Yes, Definitely. You can change the tax policies and the currency according to your residing country.

No, you cannot set up the software on your server.

Yes, the software is can be fully customized and tailored according to your needs and preferences.

There are no charges for SMS/ Email services. It is recommended that you purchase it from your domestic vendor. Also, you need to take API from the domestic vendor, which should be provided to us.

No, there is no refund policy available.

We offer nominal yearly subscription along with additional yearly renewal charges.

Are AMC charges involved? Yes, Easy Gym Software charges AMC because our web solutions run on cloud server. Due to this, the company has to incur recurring charges. Also, we provide updates, training and regular support so that you stay updated and easily cope with the ever changing technology.

ZKtecho devices can be used as our software is friendly with its devices.