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Point of Sale Software and Inventory Management

Selling massage, spa services, supplements, health and nutrition products, clothing & apparels almost anything is made easy with Point of sale system in Easy Gym Management Software. POS send automatic e-bill on your client's phone on one click. Manage stock & get a popup for most selling items & products running low in stock.

pos - billing software for gym cafe

Streamline your processes from your points of sale

Easy Gym Software comes with an integrated point-of-sale system that enables easier and faster checkout for your gym and fitness center clients. Give your customers a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

Improve the purchase process for your employees and customers. Easy Gym Software’s point of sale provides you with a system that stores product information, making the payment process faster and more accurate for your customers and you to keep their records.

  • Easily record sales transactions
  • Print receipts for customers
  • Send invoices on e-mail and SMS
  • Manage prices and product discounts

Easy Gym Software’s POS interface is very easy to navigate and is compatible with touch screen devices and barcode readers, helping to save time and avoiding errors when a sale is made. The POS (point of sale) system can also apply for discounts and promotions, create sales reports by buyer or item, and is a valuable resource in inventory management.

Get all the client details such as the date of birth or notes, allocation of points, discounts or gifts, credits, purchases they have made and their reservations just by entering the name of the customer.
Choose the VAT, GST, and Non-GST billing according to the laws and rules applicable to your country.
Supports billing for selling supplements, apparel and service packs along with coupon codes.

When the sale is complete, give customers a professional receipt detailing the purchase items. Receipts can be customized with your advertising messages or your company logo and can be configured to print on small or large size paper.

Point of sale software features

  • Record sales transactions quickly and easily
  • Generate and print receipts that look very professional
  • Compatible with receipt printers that use paper rolls
  • Save paper and use e-billing
  • Direct invoice to your customer's phone without pressing a button
  • It works with touch screen terminals and barcode readers eliminating the need for the use of the mouse or keyboard
  • Manage item prices and discounts offered
  • Generate reports helping you analyze sales by item
  • The number of receipts and items is limited only by the size of your hard drive (100,000s in modern equipment)
  • Data restore / backup on the cloud to keep your information secure

We are there when you need us

Your point of sale will be the program you will use all day and that is why we know that it is important to be able to count on us with any questions, our commitment is to provide you with exceptional technical support at all times.