Smart and Easy Gym Software in Malaysia and Singapore

Smart and Easy Gym Software in Malaysia and Singapore

Do you want to boost your gym sales and manage task easily. Try using easy gym software as it is Malaysia’s and Singapore’s most trusted gym solution provider.

Top Rated and Trusted Customized Gym Software in Malaysia and Singapore

Reach new heights using easy gym software. Through this you can manage your employees, clients, inventory, and many more. Also, there is a biometric system with the help of which you can restrict entry of the unauthorized person in your gym thereby calculating the salaries of your employees.

We provide gym solutions to many fitness and health clubs around the world. We offer a variety of features in the gym management software and also there are multiple countries in which have served the clients. One of the many features include biometric. We also offer biometric integration due to which one can integrate their multiple properties if they have. Along with this, other modules include client and employee management, inventory management, marketing tools, mobile application and a lot more.

Using these features, you can ensure that there are your business works efficiently and smoothly. It will also pave your way to success.Easy Gym Software has numerous from dedicated clients from some of the popular cities in Malaysia such as Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, George Town, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Ipoh, Johor Bahruand many more.Also, in Singapore we have loyal clients based in Kampong Glam, Bukit Batok, Jurong East, Clementi, Punggol, etc.

Biometric Support
The gym softwareis embedded with biometric support with the help of which calculating attendance of employees and restricting the access of unauthorized person will be possible.

Automatic SMS & Email
Gym software provides various features and marketing tools with the help of which one can send multiple SMS and Emails to their customers thereby promoting their offers.

Client Support
No matter what the problem is, you can contact our support team 24/7. Our support team will be readily available to help you with any query or problems and provide prompt solutions.

Get Affordable, Smart and Customized Club Management Software

Some of the features of Easy Gym Software to get you an idea of how it facilitates the growth of your business


With the help of the gym softwareyou can easily manage your customers and keep track of their record, send automatic SMS and Emails, check performance and track progress.


Biometric integration is the most secure method to use and helps you in many things such as employees’ attendance and restrict the entry of the clients with expired membership.


Mobile application specifically developed for your gym. All the features with in the software are embedded in the application such as easy client, employee and inventory management.


Marketing tools are available in the software such as SMS and Emails. Any promotion offer or other discount/ deals, outstanding or advance payment, etc. can be sent in bulk.


Report generation is essential feature of a system. Also, it is significantfor well-structured business decision. Reports can be easily generated with the help of gym software.


Group booking is available with the help of gym management system. Clients can directly make appointments and book classes 24/7 from your website/ application or software.


Employee management module is essential and is embedded in gym management software. Hence, with the softwarekeeping track of their performance and recording attendance is easy.


Billing is essential for any software. Using gym software prompt bills and invoices can be generated easily and prompt messages can also be sent to the customers.


POS software helps in managing and retrieving inventory and also tells about the highest sold products, sales forecast and any more using the gym management software.

Easy Gym Software is beneficial for your business regardless of the size of your business.



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What is Easy Gym Software?

Easy gym software helps in providing gyms with IT solutions such as fitness software, gym management software, and gym app. There are multiple features for managing employees, clients, inventory, billing, and POS software. You can improve your client retention rate with the help of 360 Degree client view. Also, with the help of biometric integration you can make your gym secure. Restrict the entry of clients with expired membership, track attendance of employees using this feature.

Improve Security with Biometric Integration

Biometric integration helps in improving security of your gym as one can restrict access of unauthorized person in the gym. You can also track which clients come regularly and which are not regular. Moreover, employees’ attendance can be recorded. All those clients who are not paying their pending payments, gym owners can prevent such people from entering the gym. Furthermore, if you have more than one branch of your gym and multiple biometric devices, then all of these branches and devices can be integrated using a singlegym software.

Escalate your Sales Using Marketing Tools

Sales is very important aspects of the business and is essential for its survival and growth. Easy gym recognized this importance and offers marketing tools such as sending SMS and Emails in bulk. One can send their clients various text messages and emails informing them about various offers, deals, discounts and many more. Also, you can send personalized messages to clients on their birthdays and anniversaries. All this will help you in improving your sales and thereby increasing client retention.

Improve Relationship with Clients

With the help of client module in gym management software you can improve your relationship with your clients. Along with the personal information of the client such as mobile number, name, email, contact, etc. you can also conduct their body analysis and store that information in the customer’s profile. According to their body measurements and body analysis results, suggest them diet plans and workout plans which will help them in reaching their desired goals. After a period of 30 days you can again do body analysis and track their progress. In this manner, you will help the customer in reaching his or her target thereby building cordial relationship with them.

Get a Free Demo

Get gym management software demo and understand how the system works. You can contact our team and get in touch with them in order to get a free demo. Also, through website it can be accessed. Once you see how the system functions, you can sign up for our services and subscribe our yearly subscription.


Easy Gym Software helps in proving gym software for various gyms, health clubs, fitness studios, dance studios in Malaysia, Singapore and many more countries across the world. Our services are nominal and timely delivery.

Yes, definitely. Biometric devices can be integrated. However, the customers have to purchase it from a domestic vendor.

The gym software comes with an affordable and reasonable price of USD 450 for a year. Additional USD 250 is required for the renewal of the yearly subscription.

The gym management software is 100% online. Our companies does not deals in offline technologies.

Yes, you can change the tax policies and foreign currencies according to your country rules and implement them in the software.

No, you cannot set up the software on your own server.

Yes, the gym management system is 100% customized. You can ask to embed any feature and function in the software.

There are no additional charges for integration of SMS and Emails. However, the clients’needs to purchase this from their domestic vendor and tell us the API provided by the domestic vendor.

No, we do not offer any refund policy.

We offer yearly plans at nominal charges. One has to subscribe our yearly subscription in order to avail our services.

Yes, AMC charges are charged. Our system run on cloud based servers due to which, the company has to incur a recurring cost. Also, we offer training, support and regular updates to the clients.

Our software is friendly with devices by ZKtecho. Hence, one can use biometric device by this company.