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Branded mobile app with Easy Gym Software

Branded android app can be one of your business USP. Android app with your gym name, logo and customized app design will enable your client to access their workout & diet plan. Review body assessment and membership status.

gym mobile app

Differentiate yourself from the competition and get new customers

  • An app that is simple yet initutive, 100% personalized with your brand image.
  • Choose from more than 10 features specifically designed to meet the needs of your gym.
  • Innovate and establish a direct channel of communication with your customers!
  • With a personalized app, you can increase your brand exposure and stay connected with your customers.


Promote gym activities and receive course registrations through an automatic system from your own mobile application.

Inform your customers in real time of all the news or stories thanks to push notifications
Receive and organize reservations through an integrated system with availability always updated in the course schedule.
Sell packages and subscriptions, distribute trial coupons or loyality points.

Gather valuable data from your members that can be used to provide a more satisfying customer experience, while giving your members the opportunity to maximize their fitness.
Self-explanatory e-workout plans right on the client's phone is a perfect alternative for the clients who come at varied timings.
Personalized diet plans made in the software, automatically reflect in the smartphone app of the client reminding them just before they need to take the next meal.
A tab on daily attendance, pending payments and renewal of membership, Easy Gym's Smart Mobile solution has it all. It accepts online payments.
A mobile app is a streamlined and less time-consuming way to Update, hike enrolments, gather daily feedback to improve services.

Other features

  • Create YouTube lists with the best videos of routines and exercises.
  • Send push notifications (WhatsApp messages) with your news, new services, new courses, remind your customers of the importance of exercising.
  • Keep users informed of all the news, class changes, special schedules with unlimited push messages.
  • Sell products and nutritional supplements directly from the app.
  • Implement an access with Login to access personalized information (training groups, classes).
  • Integrate Social Networks to increase the community.
  • Create surveys and know the opinion of your members.
  • Share tips and news from your gym.
  • Send exclusive discount coupons for users who have the mobile app of your gym downloaded.
  • Share your App with your contacts, helping you spread it and get new customers.
  • Offer your opinion and suggestions through a form.
  • Share contents of your app on Social Networks to increase your brand image on the internet.
  • Let clients check class schedules from anywhere.
  • Provide your members an option to contact you through forms, telephone, or email.