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Boost your revenue with Easy Gym Software

Easy Gym Software is just not a management solution, Easy gym helps you boost up your revenue with turnkey marketing tools like bulk SMS, email. Sort your upcoming renewals and promote special renewal package offer, create new email/ SMS campaigns for walk-in enquiries and much more.

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Marketing relies on connectivity. See, how Easy Gym Software enables you to connect with more people in a better way.

We connect members, coaches, and managers in an android App. Three user profiles that allow you to organize your sports center from your smartphone. Members can register online, make reservations, check schedules, access the trainer virtually, etc. The trainer profile allows generating new routines for each partner, offering a completely personalized experience to the client. We encourage interaction and satisfaction.

Users are the owners of the market and have their tools to raise the glory or plunge their favorite establishments into disgrace. Get the opinions of your members before they go into the market and the internet with them.

Resolve issues and manage member reviews. Make sure you are one of the first gyms to appear on relevant review websites and offer a good service to your members.

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You can run referral programs and campaigns and keep track of them form our gym management software.

Following are a few ideas of the kind of the campaigns you can run:
Referral for a friend: if you bring a friend, we give you 1 month free (you increase the number of active and loyal customers).
Christmas campaign: “Give fitness as a gift this Christmas and we will give you a Personal Training session free of cost for a month”.
Sales Campaign: "Sign up now and you will have a FREE month".
Lovers' Campaign: "20% discount on Couple Fee on Valentine's Day".

It is a myth that gym-goers do not read. Your members want to know the best exercise routines, healthy food dishes and, of course, the change in schedules if there is a holiday.
If you add a new collective class or if you offer a masterclass you can announce it by e-mail. So yes, a newsletter is one of those marketing tools for gyms that will make you gain a reputation.
Reputation emerges from trust and trust from new customers. Easy Gym Software allows you to design a newsletter and send all this information with a professional appearance.