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Easy Gym Marketing

Give your business the power to go Beyond the Basics. Creating an online presence to attract potential clients while posting about your current FitFam, is a win-win situation. We are here to guide you how.

Fitness in your DNA, and it is ours too

Fitness is in our passion and our software is designed just for that. With the conception that along with providing world-class services inside your gym it is imperative to cast a wider spell outside the four walls. Easy Gym Software's marketing plan is a full-blown, beautiful, incredibly user-friendly approach for running your business end-to-end. Getting in touch with the REAL POTENTIAL, in the SOCIAL WORLD, feels REAL AWESOME.


Landing on an unconventional website which attracts each one who decides to browse on it is half the game played for a company's online presence. Conveying unique features with never seen before content and completely based the fitness studio's theme. 13DesignStreet the creator of more than 500 websites create a dynamic website, with a contact us form which can directly be synced with the software.


How do you assure that the website created is reaching your potential clients? We come in the picture again, assuring higher organic traffic of the people who really can be your potential clients. Pushing a website on the top is not as easy as finding Beyonce's latest track, some tedious SEO techniques need to be followed. But why bother when Easy Gym Software has already taken over the pain for you.


Social media is a fish market, the louder you shout, the higher people notice you. 24 banners every month custom-made, to give a systematic and personalized touch and feel to all your social channels. Posting these banners on social platforms is taken over by experts, SMO, and content writers. Easy Gym Software has integrated smart marketing tool to expand your customer base and is easy to implement, manage and use.


"CONTENT" which is not a 'click bait', but 'savage' not putting you in light for 'Throwing shade'. Building engaging content is tricky, Easy Gym Software steps in creating effective verbiage, response seeking visual content and understanding the math of hashtags. Brand name creation while using content which actually relate to the post highlights you to the audience converting them into your client.


You are not the only gym in the area, obviously, you are surrounded by plenty of dance classes, gym, fitness studios in short COMPETITION. Easy Gym Software has taken over the charge to keep you updated, we give you a monthly report about your competition's monetary charges, facilities, offers, also their online presence- the number of posts, followers and following average likes, giving to time to think of the unthinkable.


A free of cost SMS campaign about the attractive schemes you have to offer. Our plan is to manage your complete online presence from the step one guiding you down the path of better conversion from the pool of potential clients by making them aware of the benefits of joining you. Whether you specialize in HIIT, yoga, cardio or anything in between, we at Easy Gym Software have a customized solution for you.

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Our more than 5 years of experience lets you rest assured, we make your studio a well-oiled machine. Building rock solid member relationships, giving them personal touches they expect, with the member experience to keep them coming back and bringing their friends. Get Free Analysis Report
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