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Client management with
Easy Gym Software.

Manage your client's profile

Record BMI reports & body measurements in Easy Gym Software. Every-time you record a detail it shows a comparative analysis of the progress of the client in the software as well as in the mobile app and gives you a trend report of progress made by the client.

Client list

Get the complete profile of the client including the option to check all past bills, freeze a membership, send a bill via SMS and granting floor access to the clients by giving them biometric control.

gym client list

Client personal details & billing and payment history

The client profile is the hub of every detail added about the member till date, admin can edit personal details of the client, view client's billing history, payment /installment history and attendance of their visits in the fitness studio.

client profile

Customized workout plan

With easy gym software drag & drop workout planning tool, you can use the same workout plan for multiple clients and even customize pre-made workout templates to make it perfect for your client's fitness goals.

50+ free professional workout plans

workout plan tool

Customized diet plan

Create diet plans for your clients with drag & drop tools of Easy Gym Software. Create your templates once & re-use them for more than 1 client with just one click, the same will reflect in clients' login of the mobile app.

500+ food / drink items with calories count

diet plan software

Waiver/ registration form

Easy gym software empowers you with a waiver/registration form on your website or self-check-in kiosk in your gym/fitness studio. Letting you take feedback, or get consent forms signed from the clients.

Self-check-in koisok & form on your website

waiver form

More features of Easy Gym Software:



Specialised billing for Memberships and Personal Training Packages. Every bill made automatically records the date of joining and date of billing, leaving no room for confusion.



Tedious job made easy with Automated Biometric Identification Systems and gate access. Forget making written notes of date of joining, when the membership expires the door won’t open and prompts renewal.



It’s compatible with bulk SMS and bulk Email; helping you stay connected with members and generate revenue. A 45% boost in revenue is observed when marketing is done right.