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Retain & stay connected with your clients

Stay connected and take regular feedbacks for nutrition, trials, membership upgrades, renewals, birthday wishes, workout results & almost everything. Regular followups & feedbacks will help to maintain better client relations and retain more clients. Easy Gym digitalize your client experience with a signup form on your website, self-check-in & class/ session booking & e-workout, diet and body assessment reports.

gym client management software

A single point of information for Customer Service

Record BMI reports & body measurements in your Gym Management Software. Every-time you record a detail it shows a comparative analysis of the progress of the client in the software as well as in the mobile app and gives you a trend report of progress made by the client. Freezing option availability to make things even more convenient for you.

Client list

Get the complete profile of the client including the option to check all past bills, freeze a membership, send a bill via SMS and granting floor access to the clients by giving them biometric control.

gym client list

Client personal details & billing and payment history

The client profile is the hub of every detail added about the member till date, admin can edit personal details of the client, view client's billing history, payment /installment history and attendance of their visits in the fitness studio.

billing payment history

Customized workout plan

With easy gym software drag & drop workout planning tool, you can use the same workout plan for multiple clients and even customize pre-made workout templates to make it perfect for your client's fitness goals.

workout plan

Customized diet plan

Create diet plans for your clients with drag & drop tools of Easy Gym Software. Create your templates once & re-use them for more than 1 client with just one click, the same will reflect in clients' login of the mobile app.

Waiver/ registration form

Easy gym software empowers you with a waiver/registration form on your website or self-check-in kiosk in your gym/ fitness studio. Letting you take feedback, or get consent forms signed from the clients.

waiver form

Give your client an experience that they would want to come to you again and again. Know the full details of your clients, engage them with contextual conversations using your data, facilitate quick closure of the deals, and sell your products and services with the best client management software.

Boost customer loyalty, after all a stable member base guarantees a much more fluid business management than the continuous connection of new members.

Client tracking and building good relationships with them is crucial to customer acquisition and retention: this is the concept on which our client management software is based. You can see everything in one place: a simple customizable panel that can show you a previous history of the customer with you, the status of your orders, the outstanding issues of customer service, and much more.

The degree of retention of existing customers depends largely on the operation of the customer service. Effective customer service lies primarily in the satisfaction of existing customers. However, customers increasingly have higher expectations. They also want a personalized service. For example, customers or members expect to receive offers or communications that concern them. The general newsletter or call representatives are increasingly ignored. Therefore, marketing and sales are increasingly using the gym management system to gain greater knowledge and thus results in increased sales and better collaboration.