Employee, Gym Trainers Management | Easy Gym Software

Employee / trainers management with
Easy Gym Software.

employee profile

Complete profile of your employees & trainers

Let everyone access what they need:
Unlimited logins for employees, auditor, even your tax guy
Let them see & make schedules anywhere
Update directly from phone or iPad

employee sales target

Set sales target & analyse conversion rate

Check your ROI on human investment:
Get monthly analysis if the targets were achieved
Reward employee who brings in maximum members
Analyse client retention and conversion ratio

More features of Easy Gym Software:

mobile app

Mobile app

Easy Gym Software, Digitising the business of fitness. A branded mobile app with your own gym name and logo, keeping your business name on their mind 24/7.

point of sale

Point of sale

Sell anything, maintain the inventory and make invoices directly from within the software same software. A one stop destination for any requirement a gym owner can think of.

client management

Client management

Retaining your clients with the digital efficiency. An experience and after sales add ons those will tie them with you forever. Birthday sms, personalised diet plan & workout schedules.