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Employee & Trainers Management

Your team is the reason for your business growth, and we understand it well. With Easy Gym Software motivate your sales team by setting up daily and monthly targets, review followup reports, limit maximum discount and sync attendance from the biometric device. Prevent mal-practices and bills/ profile editing all with Easy Gym.

employee management software

Coaches and employee management in tandem with their performance that goes all the way back to payroll.

Each of us can add something of value to what we do - whether for us, for our organization, or for the people or organizations we help - But often, and frustratingly, there is an administrative work, necessary but monotonous, which makes it difficult for us to devote ourselves to tasks of greater added value.

Easy Gym Software not only helps people-centric gyms to be more efficient and productive; but allowing people who work in them to devote more time to more meaningful, results-oriented jobs that allow them to feel valued and accomplished.

Staff Log-in with Things They Need
Your staff members get a unique log-in with permission to check the schedules that they need. You can assign different permissions for your trainers, reception and mangers and even your tax guy.

Help your trainers in booking and managing their classes, they will help your company grow.

Easy Gym Software has a simple and intuitive design that focuses on the user experience.
Software adapted to mobile devices to allow you to manage your team, coaches, and equipment from anywhere.
A system adaptable to multiple languages that facilitate international implementation.
Information available at all times that allows you to manage your processes and those of your teams in an agile way.
It allows you to manage all processes with autonomy so you don't depend on anyone.
Set different access levels with login set up of different levels of authority defining what and who (trainers, reception and managers) can see and manage different items and schedules.
Saves time in the management of employees and their processes. Bet on efficient management.
Define and create reports with one click. Easy Gym Software allows you to exploit the information of your employees and their processes.
Analyze the business indicators of your organization that will allow you to make decisions based on objective data.
Configure alerts, notifications, and warnings for employees, coaches, and trainers so that they do not forget anything.