Billing Gym Software for Membership, Group Classes Etc.

GST & Non-GST billing with
Easy Gym Software.

GST & Non-GST Billing

Maintain both GST and Non-GST records, forget about accountant hustles, with Easy Gym Software’s GST report manage your accounting returns.

Membership billing

Create membership packages, set the number of months and price in the manage tab and while billing Easy Gym Software automatically calculates the end date.

gym membership billing

Group classes billing

Group class billing now made easy, with just a few clicks manage the type of group class, it's schedule and automatically deduct session(s) when attended by client.

group class billing

Personal training billing

When personal training sessions need to be billed the name of the personal trainer and the duration of each class automatically appear as added in the PT manage section. Now Easy Gym Software allows you to authenticate training session by your client by sending OTP verification code.

personal training billing

Save paper & adopt e-bills

Go green and paperless with Easy Gym Software’s e-bill strategy. Save trees, time and clicks. As soon as you create a bill an SMS of the invoice goes directly to the client’s registered contact number.

e-bill sms

More features of Easy Gym Software:



Tedious job made easy with Automated Biometric Identification Systems and gate access. Forget making written notes of date of joining, when the membership expires the door won’t open and prompts renewal.



It’s compatible with bulk SMS and bulk Email; helping you stay connected with members and generate revenue. A 45% boost in revenue is observed when marketing is done right.



Easy Gym Software is report friendly with all accounting software. Planning not to go to the gym today? Operate any type of analytics directly from your mobile phone.