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Reports & Analysis with
Easy Gym Software.

easy gym reports

Track sales and revenue, attendance, retention levels and much more. Figure out the trends and use what you learn to adjust your business plan.
“Know the numbers that matter the most”
If you want to do forecasting, budgeting, if you simply want to see,” What did I do this month compared to this time last year?’— everything one click of a button.”

Access to everything you need at a glance. Keep tabs on sales and revenue, client transaction records and more with Easy Gym Software.

Look Into The Trends

Every client tells a bigger story about how you’re doing overall, from revenue growth and retention rates we have it all covered.

Dig Deeper

Make smarter choices by analyzing your past results. Easy Gym Software breaks down your sales numbers, membership growth, overall growth in clients and inquiries.

collection report

Text & excel reports

We work on a daily Closeout basis, which gives you a balance of your cash drawer at the end of the day.

  • Enquiry
  • Live Members
  • Collection
  • Renewal
  • Balance
  • Personal Training
  • Follow Up
  • Expired Members
  • Sales
  • Bills & Reciepts
  • Expenses
  • Client Database
  • Attendance
  • Membership Activation / Purchase Report
  • Trial
  • Referral
  • Renewal
  • Summary

Analysis & graphic reports

We pride our reporting system for the ease it gives to the user and owners. Our users rest assured of betrayal from employees.

  • Enquiry
  • Employee
  • Live Member
  • Membership
  • Conversion
  • Sales
  • Follow Up
  • Trial
  • Daily Analysis

More features of Easy Gym Software:

class booking

Class Booking

“Make it available to them”.Your clients can pre-book the classes directly from their phones. Forget scheduling and rescheduling; keep your classes always full.

employee management

Employee Management

Set employee salary along with their personal profile, attendance and sales target. Give each trainer a unique login to maintain their individual conversions.

branded mobile app

Mobile App

Digitise the business of fitness with Easy Gym Software. Get abranded mobile app with your gym’s name and logo, keeping your business name on their mind 24/7.