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Easy gym management software has the answer to your every question! Yes, our reports are designed in such a way that you can take any kind of report using smart filters and export in excel format. Whether it is billing, followup, sales, team performance, conversion rate easy gym is a solution for you.

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Centralized Data
All the data of your gym will be available in the same place and without third party mediation. You can access them from any device; they are stored in the cloud. You can improve the performance of your business without losing or putting your data at risk.

Manage easily
Gym software has modules designed to help you keep track of inventory, product sales, suppliers, expenses, purchase registration, customer payments and report generation in Excel and PDF.

Intelligent reports for answers to all your questions

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For some companies, the loss of assets is like cholesterol; A silent killer without any visible symptoms. You may not even have noticed this problem until you notice that your customers are leaving at an alarming rate. Taking this into account, it is necessary to be aware of the churn rate.

Of course, there is no big reason to despair, but the dropout rate is a very important metric. Therefore, you have to constantly monitor it to avoid major problems. So, when you understand how to measure and manipulate customer turnover, you can use that data to do really cool things.
Depending on the industry in which you work, sales may be subject to different phenomena such as seasons or trends. For example, if your gym is located in an area where it is too cold in the winter season to go out, your sales may drop in those months. So, it is important to incorporate data from a longer period.

Still not sure how to make a sales forecast? The most important thing is to have the right software to do it. Easy Gym Software is sophisticated software that is more than enough to make a sales prediction.
Just like the sales forecast, the software digs up the data from the past to give you an idea of how many members should be attending or were attending on an average at a particular time of the year.
The customers can be categorized according to their age, gender, and even workout preferences. Know what the most favorite workout plans are, who the most loyal members are and use that data for customer acquisition and customer retention by running targeted marketing campaigns for those particular groups.

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