How to Promote Your Martial Arts Academy | Easy Gym Software
How to Promote Your Martial Arts Academy | Easy Gym Software
How to Promote Your Martial Arts Academy | Easy Gym Software | Updated: May 26,2022, 07:04 AM IST

How to Promote Your Martial Arts Academy

Promoting a martial arts academy can be quite a hectic task. Even though it plays an important role in the society, it can be difficult to promote your academy. There are plenty of methods that can be used to do so such as using martial arts academy software, organizing contests, using social media marketing, etc. All these methods are explained in detail in the article. Marketing is difficult since there is a lot of competition. There are martial arts schools but to outshine yourself among others.

Martial arts schools are playing an important role in the society. Self defense is necessary especially considering the number of crimes taking place in the world right now. Whether it is theft, attack, or anything related to criminal activity, it is important that you know how to tackle the situation. There are plenty of reasons why everybody needs to learn how to defend themselves by learning martial arts.

Effective Tips to Promote Your Martial Arts Academy

Let us read the different strategies that you can use to promote your martial arts academy. Below mentioned are some of the strategies, read them, and try to implement them smoothly for attaining desired results.

Social Media Marketing

One of the most popular and trending techniques used for marketing is social media marketing. You can generate real leads from this type of marketing. Most of the people use social media platforms to spend their leisure time. Earlier it was extensively used for sharing pictures, chatting, and staying connected to all the friends but these days it’s being used by businesses for marketing purposes. It has proved its effectiveness over time and hence, the majority of the businesses use it for their promotion. You too can do the same. Open your business page on the social media on all the social media platforms. Most trending once is Instagram and Facebook but as per your requirement you can open your page on other social platforms too so that you can get clients from every possible platform. Upload your complete information on these pages.

Complete details include the name of your academy, address, contact information, website URL, and link to your martial arts academy software. If you provide all the information accurately by yourself, then it becomes easier for Google to discover it and rank it. People can find your academy more easily this way.

Sponsor/ Organize Competitions

Martial arts academies and schools can organize a number of contests and competitions. This will help in marketing and promotion as well. You can train your students for competition as they will represent your academy in the competition. You can also sponsor the events instead of organizing it. The winner can get a discount on your membership or you can set the prize for the winners as per your wish and budgets.

You can post pictures on social media, website, and martial arts academy software so that the clients and other potential clients can see how you organize things. This will attract potential and new clients and they can inquire about your academy. Do leave contact information on such posts so that it is easier for people to enquire about it.

Either you organize or sponsor the competitions both of the techniques will provide benefits. Also, remember to distribute pamphlets and booklets about your martial arts academy so that the people can easily get in touch with you. Provide your contact details and link to website and martial arts academy software.

Hire a Professional Person for Marketing Campaign

It is always said that the person who knows to do a thing must do that thing. We cannot do all the work by ourselves. Due to this reason, we need to hire a professional person to handle the marketing campaigns. A professional person would be experienced to do his or her task and hence, the campaign would provide desired results.

You can hire a person and tell them what results you expect from them or what is the main goal that you want to achieve through this campaign. Tell the person about all the things of your business that can be used by the professional or that may come handy. Tell him or her about the martial arts academy software, mobile app, marketing techniques that have been using to date, etc.

This information will be helpful for them in formulating their next strategies. Even though this can incur expenses but it will be worth it. Find a professional and experienced person so that the money invested can be worth it and that there are more chances of the campaign to be successful. In this way, the professional can help you in promoting your martial arts academy.

Tie-up with Schools and Colleges

The majority of the schools have started with additional camps where they teach self defense and martial arts to their students. Most of the schools\' tie-up with such martial arts academies so that, their students can learn how to defend themselves.

If you have not tied-up with any school, then go for it. Search for the potential institutes so that you can contact them. Then reach out to them and offer a guest lecture or teach the students the significance of martial arts.

Use your martial arts academy software for sending SMS and Email alerts to such colleges and express your concern about the tie-up. You can also meet with them and discuss it. If their students are interested, then you can start with the registration of new students.

Give Lectures on Importance of Self-Defense

Again, for this, you can contact with institutes or colleges and ask them for letting you deliver a lecture on self-defense. You can get your pamphlets and booklets printed so that you can distribute them in the schools or wherever you are about to give the lectures. In this lecture, you can talk about the significance of learning how to defend, how it can help you in life or how you can help others in life, etc.

Also, along with giving an informational speech, you must promote yourself and your academy. Tell the students about different types of martial arts you teach at your academy, show them your martial arts academy software and website through which they can contact, you. Also, provide your contact information on the pamphlets being distributed. You can tell the students about what are the benefits if they join your academy, what is the prices and fees structure, duration of the classes, etc.

All this information will be helpful for them. Furthermore, you can ask students to spread the word about your academy to their friends and families. This method of promoting your martial arts schools would hardly incur any penny and you will get the desired benefits. Therefore, it is one of the best methods to promote your martial arts school.

Conduct Vacation Camps

This is another great method that can be used for promotion. The majority of the schools or colleges have vacations during the summers or as per their policies. This is the best time where you can promote your school and get the potential clients you have been looking for. Most of the people who are keen to learn defense are the youngster and teenagers. This is the main reason why we are focusing more on the students.

Use the traditional method of marketing that is the printed media to spread the word about your vacation camps and workshops. For attracting more clients, you can also add a certain discount on your martial arts classes so that more people are allured to join your school. In order to conduct and manage everything smoothly, use martial arts academy software. It will help you store all the details of the clients, their data, and also of inquiries so that you can conduct regular follow-up.

Vacations are a time when students and other young generation want to learn something such as drawing, dancing, martial arts, etc. to enhance their skills and to use their time productively. Moreover, they don’t have schools or homework due to which they don’t need to worry about it and can give their entire focus towards learning new skills. Upload pictures and banner on your social media, website, and martial arts academy software to let people know you are conducting vacation camps. Interested people can get in touch with you through any of these platforms.

Utilize Technology

Utilizing technology is another important aspect as it can help you get desired results. You must you martial arts academy software to help you in marketing campaigns and other strategies used for promoting the martial arts academy. There are a number of companies that provide more than 10 marketing tools and other benefits in one software solution.

Hence, you must use such martial arts academy software to promote your academy.
The marketing features include SMS and email marketing, packages, group class booking, coupons, automatic service reminders, etc. Using these marketing tools, you can conduct marketing campaigns that provide desired results over a period of time. Martial art and its different forms are such an art that cannot be learned within 1 or 2 months.

Due to this, you can ensure that one client is coming to you for more than just 2 or 3 months. But not all the clients will go for that long. So, for this, you can provide memberships and manage it with the help of martial arts academy software. Hence, whatever strategies you plan, use a software solution for managing and running the campaigns effectively and smoothly.

These are some of the marketing techniques that can be used for a martial arts academy to promote themselves. Without a doubt, the strategies and other plans can take time to show results but with constant and diligent efforts your goals can be achieved. Hence, use these techniques especially the technology. Using such martial arts academy software will help you to cope with the market competition. Implement the strategies smoothly and efficiently for attaining the desired goals and objectives.