8 Must Have Features in Gym Software
8 Must Have Features in Gym Software
8 Must Have Features in Gym Software | Updated: Nov 27,2021, 13:43 PM IST

8 Must Have Features in Gym Software

There are various companies that offer different solutions for your gym. Since the technology has been flourishing and many things are possible using it, most of the people prefer to utilize technology solutions for the management of their business. Similar is the case with the gym industry, the majority of the gym owners have purchased or invested their money in getting a gym management system for managing various operations of their gyms. Since there are a lot of competitors as well as other IT companies that offer software solutions based on the client requirement, it has become difficult for the gym owners to understand and find the right solution for their gym. If you are a gym owner, then you don’t need to fret as in this article, are mentioned some of the most important and must have features in the gym software. Whenever, you are purchasing software or getting a customized software solution for your gym, make sure it has these features in it.

Features that Must be there in your Gym Software

There are many features that are provided by various software solution providers in the market. But the question is, which are the different features that you should be looking for in the gym software? Read these below mentioned are the features that are mush-have in your software:

Client Management

With the help of the client management system, there are various things that you have control over. For instance, you can add the data of the client, their personal information such as birthdates and date of anniversary, address, etc. other than this, you can add the information of the client such as their body measurements, client progress, body analysis, etc. You can ask the client about their target or main goal and provide them workout and diet plans based on their goal and result of body analysis.

After a period of at least 30 days conduct the body analysis once again in order to check their progress and performance. These details can be seen by the clients themselves so that they can understand their growth graph. In this manner, you can provide all your clients personalized attention. Therefore, this is a must have feature especially in a gym software.

Bio-metric Integration

Biometric gadgets can be utilized in your fitness center for adding to the security and high quality maintenance of the gym center. You can have multiple devices installed and integrated with the software solution. Biometric gadgets help in demonstrating the authority of the individual, utilizing this element, you can limit the passage of any and each unapproved individual.

It will help you taking care of the considerable number of individuals entering your gym to ensure its security. Additionally, utilizing the biometric gadget, you can forestall access to the customers who have not paid their participation charges. Other than this, this component can be utilized to gauge the participation of representatives and customers. You can become acquainted with all the customers that are regular as well as irregular. Additionally, the compensations of the workers can be determined dependent on the attendance marked with the help of the biometric devices. With everything taken into account, this component that is a biometric device and its integration with gym software will be valuable for your fitness center.

Marketing Tools

Regardless of the risk involved in business, passionate people still initiative their desires to start with a start-up. Nevertheless the endeavors required in commencing can be difficult as well as tiring. However, marketing is needed to flourish your business and you have to keep your showcasing game solid and compelling. Easy gym software provides more than ten promoting or marketing tools that can assist you with running distinctive advertising efforts and creating benefits for improving your business. It relies upon you how you need to utilize these marketing tools. This gym based software solution gives different tools, for example, bulk SMS and Emails, Packages, Coupons, Reward focuses, and so forth these are an extraordinary arrangement of instruments that can be utilized to advertise and improve your brand’s visibility.

You need to come up with a strong strategy to utilize these marketing tools effectively. These tools will also help you satisfy the needs of your clients and make them feel valued due to which customers will likewise do the advertising for you by prescribing your gym to their loved ones.

Reports and Analysis

Another productive component and must have features in a gym management system is creating reports. How is it a beneficial element? For making an ideal arrangement, you need exact information and figures. The data based on which the arrangement is being detailed must be exactly as it will cause its precision on the outcome and yield of the arrangement.

Thus, your information must be founded on right and true data. Reports created by the gym software must be based on real time and should be precise, and solid. The reports are set up for different things, for example, for customers, employees, appointments booked, stock, membership sold, income produced, and so on. All of these reports will help in encircling the right methodology. It will make the arrangements progressively sensible, adaptable, and solid. Subsequently, it is another incredible component that can assist you with growing your fitness center. Therefore, it another must have feature that must be there in your gym based software solution.

Group Class Booking

Online appointment booking is another element that is regular in most of the product nowadays has it. Since individuals like to spare their time, they attempt to complete things on the web. Numerous individuals utilize online bookings and extensively depend on them for any sort of work.

Consequently, your product must have this component too. The majority of the organizations give this feature in their software product. Easy Gym Software is one of the products that give separate rich and responsive pages to deal with all the arrangements. Customers can book arrangements any time and anywhere by simply accessing your gym software website.

Employee Management

Managing employees is another important aspect of the business. Since your trainers help achieve the clients in meeting their objectives and goals, you must appreciate them. There are various things that are done for employee retention. One such thing you can do is manage them appropriately and avoid favoritism in your gym.

The gym management system will help in recording attendance of the gym and using it for calculating salaries as well as commission if any. It will help you track the attendance of the employees as well as manage their progress and performance. As per their performance, you can provide them increments and appraisals.

Different Access Control

Having different access controls is required for your gym management system as it will be essential. You cannot always be present at your gym especially if you have more than one. In your absence, you need someone to look after the clients and manage their queries or payments without accessing your confidential data. For this, it is essential that you have different access controls for your employees based on their designations or profile. The owner must be able to fully access the software, view confidential data as well as edit or change various services, prices, or other similar data, whereas, the employees must be able to generate bills in the absence of the gym owner. Therefore, different access controls are required so that your business operations are uninterrupted and your confidential data remain concealed.

These are the must have features that your gym management system should have. Therefore, before purchasing the software solution you must look for these features because they are beneficial in the long run and will help you in the growth and survival of your business.